USA Pre-Orders, 29th March 2014

1 Destiny (PS4)

2 Watch Dogs (PS4)

3 Destiny (XOne)

4 Watch Dogs (XOne)

5 Titanfall (X360)

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mikel10151596d ago

Cool, Bayonetta 2 made it on the chart

Geobros1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I would be happy to see a great game like this in the list but I dont see it. Its in which position?

Edit: Sorry but just I saw it....great!!! :)

MNGamer-N1596d ago

Ya, I should put my pre-order in. Wish there was a release date though.

Sayburr1596d ago

I wonder if this is relevant at all since a lot of people, including myself, are going "all digital" these days. I don't see myself ever doing another pre-order.

ThePope1596d ago

Its less relevant for a different reason. If you look at past pre-orders you'll find that the number errors on the high-side by at least 30%.

Sayburr1596d ago

I didn't realize their margin of error was so great. I knew their accuracy was questionable, but not quite by that much.

cluckey071596d ago

Most people aren't going digital. A good portion are. But most will buy physical because then it actually feels like we made a purchase and have something to show for it.
Until games start releasing for 10-20 dollars cheaper for digital and start releasing sooner than physical releases then their will continue to have a majority buying physical.

MNGamer-N1596d ago

Agree. Physical all the way. Tangible product I can hold in my hands, and sell or borrow or whatever. Still the way to go for me at least.

frostypants1596d ago

You can pre-order digital downloads on Steam.

Doubt those numbers are counted in this though.

ThePope1596d ago

The biggest reason is online retailers don't require money down. So I could pre-order every game under the sun, and when it comes time to finally pay the piper I cancel the pre-order.

Heck even box stores allow you to move money to a different pre-order. So these numbers mean little.

The conversations on most websites focus on hardware sales. But in truth that means little, its all about attach rate (how many games are bought per console sold). Whichever console has the highest attach rate will win every time with 3rd party publishers.

So an example is if the Wii U (using it just for an example) as a very low attach rate (around 1 say) publishers know, that no matter how many pre-orders the game has, few will sell through to consumers.

XANDEO1596d ago

Try living in the uk where digital price's are so much higher! I pre ordered destiny from amazon for £42 (when I pre ordred my ps4) whilst it will be £60 on the ps store on release day.

Sayburr1596d ago

Crap! I thought it was bad paying full retail price for a non-physical game, but paying more? No way.

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WeAreLegion1596d ago

Prey 2 is holding strong!

DarthJay1596d ago

I still have mine on pre-order.

Metallox1596d ago

Bayonetta 2 finally appears... at the end of the list... Took a while but it's nice, considering Wii U's situation.

brew1596d ago

I see The Order 1886 on the list at #7 , but I don't see Quantum Break or Sunset Overdrive in the top 30. I wonder where they are.

Nero13141596d ago

Are they even out for Preorder ?. I guess ppl are waiting for gameplay videos idk lol

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1596d ago

The Order made the list before there was gameplay.

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