New Survarium Screenshots illustrate Tarakanovsky Fort, Rudnya and other locations

LGN: "Next on today’s list are these screenshots from Survarium, a free-to-play online FPS for the PC being developed by Vostok Games, those responsible for the brilliant post-apocalyptic shooter series S.T.A.L.K.E.R."

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Whatsupdog1566d ago

I wish they were working on a new singleplayer STALKER game :-(

Bonerboy1565d ago

Yeah, it's a shame single player isn't happening for this one as I would buy it in a heartbeat. These screens look pretty damn fine though. Might be persuaded if the rest measures up.

ATi_Elite1565d ago

They say although it's a MMO there is a SP experience in the game. You explore and quest just like STALKER but instead of ONLY Battling NPC's during your journey you battle Humans and NPC's.

STALKER COP to me felt like an MMO because the NPC A-life A.I. was really good thus making NPC's act like Humans.

You are still gonna fight NPC Mutans, dogs, etc. but the Bandits, Mercs, Freedom, Duty, etc LIKE factions will be Humans thus making for a more dangerous experience as you go artifact and anomaly hunting.

"Get out of here STALKER"