Battlefield 4 – DICE ‘Unhappy With Server Performance,’ “Rubber-Banding” Fix Incoming

MP1st - Battlefield 4 Naval Strike has officially launched for all Battlefield 4 Premium member across all platforms. But for many, the experience is being marred by a recent bout of severe server lag, or what many refer to as “rubber-banding”.

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TheBurger291420d ago

Wow.. how many months has this been going on? Never will I be a DICE game at launch

ZodTheRipper1420d ago

At least 5 months, this has to be a f****ing joke.
Now they are suddenly unhappy with the server performance? How many times have EA execs defended the performance of BF4? They were even sued for it back in december
This is simply ridiculous, it's about time some eyes are opened at EA. This is NOT how you treat paying customer.

JetsFool35001420d ago

If they really care they'd give us premium members a free map pack instead of sum bullshit player appreciation month that costs them nothing

papashango1420d ago

Glad I skipped this one. I've played BF since it launched with 1942. After BF3 I already knew the direction it was headed and I'm glad I ended it there.

I would have hated to see one of my favorite fps franchises go to crap like this.

Meatyboy1420d ago

Yes!! Nobody can tell you what to be man!

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spaceg0st1420d ago

Who knows how long it'll take them to implement the new servers. My guess is 2 months from now. Which is great, 7 months after release you're game actually may work as intended.

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The story is too old to be commented.