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This next entry in the infamous series, all made by the Sly Cooper developer Sucker Punch, happens to be one of the first games announced for the PS4. The previous two titles saw the electric man Cole McGrath zapping his powers in gritty cities, taking on an array of crazy enemies and thugs, and choosing between the sides of good and evil. This one, however, appears to be not your everyday comic book superhero action game. Delsin takes over the limelight this time, and he’s causing the ruckus with his mixture of new powers, in stunning photorealistic 1080p HD graphics. But I can tell you that this game is ‘the’ second sequel to the PS3 original.

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Geekman1539d ago

Based on the reviews, I can assume the general opinion of this game is an 8.5.

Bathyj1539d ago

I would say 8.5 - 9 is fair.

MasterCornholio1539d ago

Thats pretty good in my opinion.

hulk_bash19871539d ago

Fair review, I would personally give the game a 9.5/10. It may not be perfect but it's so much fun to play and my god, those graphics. Personally my favorite inFamous game and one of my favorite open world games in some time.

Tatsuya 1539d ago

I would give it a 10/10 for very one simple reason,. it has a good looking beanie! :)