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Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD remaster is an exemplary reworking that fans will delight in returning to in their enhanced form and, since the mechanics are better than some modern RPGs, it’s also highly recommended to those that have never had the chance to play the two games, both of which are great, one of which, Final Fantasy X, is one of the finest that the genre has ever had to offer.

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BananaRepublik1424d ago

Was kinda hoping for more information regarding how it runs on the Vita. He didn't mention the Vita once.

porkChop1424d ago

Well the review is specifically about the Vita version so if he didn't mention any performance issues then there isn't any.

Xaphy1424d ago

There was no negative feedback regarding the vita version. All reviews praised it. Im getting this for my vita. I love jrpgs on a handheld.

CaptianUsopp1424d ago

i'm playing the vita version right now and it plays so good! can get a little framerate issues during some big magic spells, but other than that, super smooth. and i was actually suprised how good it looks. loving it! again.

Nerdmaster1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

I'm playing the Vita version, and I noticed some framerate drops when there are many characters on the screen. I don't remember if it happened in the PS2 version.

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gano1424d ago

So many games to get now.
This yr is booked for me.