Strategy RPG Natural Doctrine Coming West For PS3, PS4, Vita

Today, IGN can reveal that Natural Doctrine -- the slick-looking strategy-RPG -- will be released in western markets. The game was developed by Kadokawa Games and launches in Japan on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita on April 3rd. Kadokawa is publishing the game itself in Japan; in the west, NIS will publish it.

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Qrphe1570d ago

Oh yes, my pants can't contain this

hulk_bash19871570d ago

Yup the game looks interesting. Can't wait for an official release date.

sashimi1570d ago

now to decide PS4 or vita...hmmm

Jeff2571570d ago

I really hope this will be a cross buy title. Even if it costs a little more to get access to all 3 versions. That being said if I can only get it for one system them it would be for PS4 since I can remotely access it with my Vita from anywhere I have Wi-Fi.

desikira1570d ago

Jeff, how can you play via remote play via any wifi? I tried far from home, via wifi, and it doesn't work :(

Jeff2571570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Well for starters I have very strong internet at home and have my PS4 wired directly into my router. I use my vita on break at work some to game on my PS4 at home even though the internet speed here isn't that great at times. I can't really explain how it works but it does for me and I am across the city from where I live.

I also leave my PS4 in standby and never fully power it off. There is also a setting to make sure it can receive and internet connection when it is in standby.

TheTwelve1570d ago

Since Witcher is gone, I need to get hype about something in 2014 and this may be it.

TheTwelve1570d ago

Thx...this looks extremely my kind of game.