Are Console Gamers Ready To Submit To Pay-To-Play?

Blaine Smith of XMMORPG writes:

With the impending release of two huge console MMO games and the lack of serious subscription based titles previously available on console, I thought it would be the perfect time to ask the question. Are console gamers ready to bite the bullet and submit to the pay-to-play genre?

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ArchangelMike1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Well most console gamers have already submitted to the "pay-to-play" model. They have to pay to pay online via PSN or XBL.

That's exactly the problem with the console MMO, that then require an added monthly subscription. While some might say "well Sony will let you play online MMMO's without a subscription", in reality the multiplayer minded gamer already has PSN+ anyway, so it's a bit of a moot point.

Bottom line, it becomes prohibitively expensive for most console gamers, especially if you consider subscribing to more than one MMO at time.

I can't remember if Destiny has announced it's subscription model yet, but Imagine having to pay monthly subscriptions for Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny and FFIV - as well as the subscription for PSN/XBL! You'd be looking at probably 30bucks a month 0.o

LAWSON721479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Destiny is not an MMO and Bungie has already said no monthly fees.
"Let me just rip this bandaid off right here: We have absolutely no plans to charge a subscription fee for Destiny"

ATi_Elite1479d ago

Stupid article!

Consolers are already PAY to PLay. $60 a game + $50 to play MP online.

Now if Publishers start making console MMO's with subscriptions then that is just WRONG and Pocket Ravashing.

3-4-51479d ago

If somebody keeps slapping you in the face, no matter who you are, eventually you are going to fight back.

When is enough, enough ?

* Paying $50 a year for an online service is NOT a bad thing though, from my experience over at XBL since 2002 it's been worth it.

* Now that I've traded in my 360 for Wii U I appreciated the free online, but it's = to one less game really.

^ That is staying.

* Pay to play is going to be weird this gen. I think people will try to "go there" with it, and it will backfire and completely ruin at least one dev.

MMO's + Pay to play would work on a console and here is how:

- Year subscription Full access online play =$30

Meltic1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

My answer is NO. Paying 60 bucks for playing a game is enough. The old Days where better without the online features. Online is fun but to pay it is absure. Especially if youre a teenager. I dont know if im old faction but people aint outside so much anymore. I see all the playgrounds outside my house it's empty. 10 years ago it was full.

TheRedButterfly1480d ago

There is already a 'market' for that on consoles... it's been around for a while... Phantasy Star Universe ring a bell?

papashango1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Not to mention the 2nd most successful subscription based MMO has been available On the Playstation 2.


KonsoruMasuta1479d ago

I've been ready. The majority of F2P/P2W games will cost you more than a subscription based games. I don't want to pay for weapons and armor bit by bit, I want to have it all from the start with no ads or walls in my way. Plus, Pay to play games get expansions more often than F2P games. In F2P games, most of the "expansions" are full of meaningless items that are overpriced.

I'll take having everything from the start, a proper end game, a steady stream of new content, and no in game ads, over a game with micro transactions galore, paywalls, no proper end game, and somebody beating you just because they have a bigger wallet.

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