MXGP: The Official Motocross Video Game Review (God is a Geek)

Posted by Sean Smith

Motocross in itself looks like some kind of crazed videogame version of a motorsport. Brightly coloured bikes scrambling and leaping through the air, mud spraying all over the show. On their last dalliance with the FIM Championship, Milestone chose to ramp up the inherent arcade aspects of the source material, but this did the sport a bit of a disservice. MXGP sets to redress the balance with a fine recreation of the MX1 and 2 that eschews the stylized nature of MUD and gives fans a much improved simulation to speed, leap and scrub their way through. Completely engineered from the ground up, this is the sort of tie-in that MX fans have been crying out for, and while it is not the finest racing game we have ever seen, it is another impressive showing from the increasingly-reliable Milestone.

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