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Rely on Horror: Resident Evil 2: Dual Destinies will soon be in the hands of gamers. We were given an exclusive look of the game at this year's GDC. This complete remake takes the game that we know and love and completely overhauls the experience for the better. Resident Evil 2 has been redesigned from the ground up to appeal to fans of the series and the contemporary gamer.

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PS4isKing_821568d ago

God I hate April fools day :(

Pozzle1568d ago

I hate how so many of them sound like really cool ideas....then I remember they're fake :(

PoSTedUP1568d ago

why couldnt you let me be gullible for 3 more minutes while i basked in these awesome thoughts i was having? huh, bro? thanks a lot...

MehmetAlperTR1568d ago

It's real. Not an April Fool. You can check the developers site here It has been months, we had news about this one getting real. Here on N4G. Search for it.

ritsuka6661568d ago

Weapons are no longer discovered within the environment, and must be purchased from an in-game merchant'''

This sounds like the next game from Crapcom.. you know Crapcom love DLC and others shit.

Fireseed1568d ago

Another in-game merchant would like to tell you how wrong you are...


Agent_hitman1568d ago

April fool's day joke. lol

Arsenic131567d ago

that's a fan remake - this joke post uses screenshots from it.

bigboss19901568d ago

It ain't how I would like it to be :-\ co op destroyed resident evil I hate it

nunley331568d ago

While they're at it they should release that GC RE1 remake for PS3,PS4,Vita. RE7 needs to be single player with no AI partner but this is unlikely.