Peter Moore Apologizes For Frostbite Devs Troll Tweets

Peter Moore, the Chief Operating Officer at EA, has taken to Twitter to apologise for the troll tweets published today from an anonymous developer on the Frostbite engine Twitter account.

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diepdiep1568d ago

They should fire whoever posted those troll tweets.

lameguy1568d ago

Depends really. 'EA the company' has publicly stated their support for Nintendo and when 'EA the employees' go against that, it makes things... difficult and then Nintendo feels bad.

Hmm, the more interesting one would be if Sony did the same to MS or vice versa somehow :)

Septic1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

It wasn't even that bad.

People need to chill I swear. I dread to think what people will say when I publish the next video roundtable for our site (luckily no one gives a s*** at this point). Bunch of sensitive girls.


Silly gameAr1568d ago

Must have been some serious biz to somebody or they wouldn't have deleted the tweets and Peter Moore wouldn't be apologizing.

Dlacy13g1568d ago

While I agree its not so serious that someone should get fired its probably something that once Senior EA staff got wind it caused a big stir. Not only are they trolling one of their partners ( they do still make Nintendo games mind you ) but they also haven't had a great PR run of late so any negative press associated to them is something very un-wanted.

LOL_WUT1568d ago

He shouldn't have to apologize come on people it's April fools lighten up ;)

VitaOwner1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

@Silly gameAr

I think there should be discipline for the poster but not serious enough to lose his job. His attempt at humor was misguided, but Nintendo is also to blame for its frosty relationships with EA and other 3rd parties and a tweet like this from a person not in any real power will have little impact on decisions between the big boys at the top of the companies.

Axonometri1568d ago

Uh, yeah. What the frick is wrong with a joke on April fools day? EA does not even honor their partnership with Nintendo.

Silly gameAr1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


I'm not saying anyone should lose their job over it or anything like that. Just saying somebody must have taken it a little more personal then most and thought it was in bad taste or the tweets would still be there.

Me personally, don't think anyone should lose their job over a few tweets, even if they were kind of in bad taste, but sadly things like that happen everyday.

AKR1568d ago

When you work for a big company; you better try hard not to make a fool of yourself.

Just because a small group, or even one person decides to "be funny" - that smudges the name of the entire company. Notice, people started jumping on EA's back as a whole; not just the person who tweeted this.

Why do you think parents tell their kids to be on their best behavior when they're out in public? Their actions tend to reflect off of their parents as well.

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Alan_Shore1568d ago

It was kinda funny and harsh at the same time. But nah they shouldn't be fired.

....cant you take a joke?

LOL_WUT1568d ago

They can't take a joke not if it's aimed at Nintendo! ;)

kwandar1568d ago

It's not a joke - it is a mean spirited shot at Wii U owners, and Nintendo.

It isn't like this is the first time for EA either.

I like my Wii U thank you very much. When a publisher goes out of its way to call my purchasing decision stupid, I just really want to go out of my way and not touch their product; not for the PS3, Wii U, PC or PS4. I doubt that I'm the only person at the moment who won't buy EA product.

Peter - I appreciate your attempt to apologise, I very much do, but I think a little too much water has gone under the bridge, and at least in my case it is falling on deaf ears.

Nevers0ft1568d ago

The Frostbyte announcement could have been fairly funny, but then they doubled-down with the rest of the tweets and comments about the console being the most powerful... At that point the posts kinda went from "OK..." to "Sh*tty"

dodgemoose1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

because that wouldn't be a complete overeaction

Fireseed1568d ago

Someone made a tweet about how underpowered a toy is... loses job. Not an overreaction at all /s

Dark111568d ago

Yeah they hurt the wii u feelings!!

Baccra171568d ago

Really? What's next, going to fire the guy that says the Earth is round? Truth hurts, suck it up and #dealwithit.

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Starbucks_Fan1568d ago

Apologize? Another April Fools joke?

OrangePowerz1568d ago

And now fix the netcode of BF4 EA.

Majin-vegeta1568d ago

It's fixed on my end other than langcang dam and Hainan.Also in the server type Testserver 2 enjoy ;)

OT:Have people really become butthurt over a set of tweets??

SecretNO_2581568d ago

It was just a harmless April fools joke. I'm a Nintendo fan and I still laughed at it.
He really didn't need to apologize.

Summons751568d ago

Not really, it was a very clear troll move and not a joke. Ea was fully behind the Wiiu until Nintendo wouldn't let them have origin on the system, hell crysis 3 was ready for launch on the Wiiu.

Whomever did this within EA clearly did this out of malice

Trago13371568d ago

I wonder what would happen if those tweets were joking about the PS4 or Xbox One.

I like how Nintendo are still considered "Partners."

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