Watch Dogs is still unplayable at expos, and that's troubling

Watch Dogs cannot be played from anywhere except in the Ubisoft dev rooms and with only two months until release, some gamers are starting to worry about the quality of the finished product.

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Naga1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Seriously. I hope Ubisoft is aware of the wind leaving the sails of their flagship gaming experience; the high seas of public opinion are some treacherous waters.

Crazyglues1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

yeah, the fact that the game is not playable is really concerning, it says they are nowhere near ready..

I mean were in April and the game comes out may 27

How can you not have a playable demo this close to release..

Very Bad sign

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thehitman1599d ago

Just because they are not letting people play it doesnt mean anything. I could care less if the "privileged" press can play a demo of a game. I could care less about most of their opinions anyway as either they hype a game too much or downplay a game too much in 90% of the cases.

@ Crazy I think the game is done and probably near ready. The game was playable last year Ubisoft is just not making it playable to the public/press at this moment. I was going to get this game at launch and will still probably get it as I know they wont release an unfinished product no matter what.

Naga1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

@ thehitman

I think it's still a bit disconcerting, as one would expect them to be proud of the gameplay and wanting to show it off. Reluctance to do so only plays into growing fears. (That... and where is my doggone Xbox One footage?)

I hear you on the unreliability of press hype. But isn't the fact that you don't care about their opinions just all the more reason for there to be a playable demo for the gaming public?

Eonjay1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

No its not worrying. Titanfall 360 launches for the third time in just 6 days. This game has NEVER BEEN SEEN. I don't see anyone worried about that title. And we have seen live gameplay of Watch Dogs on multiple occasions, including Live TV.

Naga1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

@ Eonjay

I don't think anyone would dispute that the Titanfall 360 situation is significantly more disconcerting.

The big difference, however, is that Titanfall 360 has a much smaller fanbase; the vast majority of interested gamers will get it for the PC or Xbox One. Setting aside the fact that the Titanfall brand itself has been hyped, the 360 version being released is not atypical of "last-gen" releases when there is a "next-gen" console getting all of the attention. Respawn and EA obviously want to hype up their premiere versions of the game, and showing a downgraded Xbox 360 version would arguably simply detract from their goals and drag down momentum. It's like showing off a rusty beater of a car in your garage when you have a Ferrari in the driveway.

The same cannot be said for the Watch_Dogs situation, which is looking at a simultaneous release across both generations. They are provided only limited access to even their best versions of the game... and still have yet to produce Xbox One footage. It is worrisome, because the music we are hearing out of Ubisoft seems to be different from when they were excitedly drumming up hype last year before the delay. It makes people think they don't have confidence in their own product - at the precise time when they ought to.

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-Foxtrot1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Whats more worrying is gamers expectations with this, even if it is a good game the expectations are so high that people are going to critical of it.

In the end though it's Ubisofts fault, they should of released it when they were supposed to. I really doubt they kept it for polishing as nothing we've seen has hinted towards that and extra content.

All it's done is raised expectations for the quality of the game and lowered interest in people buying it at launch.

I hope people are more cautious to future Ubisoft titles now.

uncharted561599d ago

I think since the whole downgrade debacle people have actually lowered their expectations of this game. In all my years gaming, if there is a publisher I can trust its Ubisoft. Never had a real complain with their games being unpolished or on the same level as BF4. The game was not ready to be released in November so thankfully they didn't. If they would had released it then people would had complained as they did with BF4 and rightfully so. From what I can gather they used the extra time to iron out dropping frames, improve the a.i. and make their city of Chicago more lively which is my major complain with a game like Infamous SS.

LackTrue4K1599d ago

i don't get the hype of this game....!!!

what is it?! the fact that you need to use your cell phone to be stealth?!?

obviously it's not the graphics....or cuz its like GTA????
some one give me some info.

rdgneoz31599d ago

Open world, multiple ways to approach objectives, interesting MP concept (invade a players game and hack them / 8 player free roam), interesting story concepts, a bunch of vehicles to drive / collect, safe houses, dynamic weather / wind, night and day cycles, and a bunch of side missions.

It's just the delays and graphics controversy have killed hype / made people wary of it. And seeing as people can't play the game at expos with such a short time till release, it only adds to that. The game has to pass certification / go gold sometime soon, you figure they'd have something playable by now.

purpleblau1599d ago

Somehow my guts tell me this game is gonna fail.

starchild1598d ago

Your gut is probably wrong in my guts opinion.

AgentSmithPS41598d ago

Don't worry, be happy. I'm not going to buy this until it's been out awhile and it proves itself.

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MegaDan1599d ago

Ubisoft is doing the same thing EA did with NBA Live 14...hmm wonder why?

Longshot281599d ago

LOL this article is absolute garbage.

ironfist921599d ago

The article made me think that they tried playing it, but it was broken, not that it "wasnt available to play" at the expos.


InTheLab1599d ago

Been saying it for months. Games just don't up and get delayed 6 months to add "fun". I think this game came at a time when we all were tired of the same old crap and was hyped up beyond reason. So now there is this expectation that the game will be the second coming but in reality, it's just another sandbox game.

Geekman1599d ago

When you're making a game where you can hack everything, I imagine you should expect work. I understand where you're coming from, but NOBODY should be against this game. If it delivers, then amazing, if it doesn't, then oh well. That's how it is with EVERY game. Even if it ends up being crap, you keep your expectations too low. As a gamer, you should HOPE for it to deliver instead of being skeptical.

Geekman1599d ago

Ubisofts being stubborn. To convince people to buy a game you need to have a demo out to play at an event, and since the game comes out before E3, PAX is basically the last chance for you to convince people that the game is fun, especially with people overreacting over graphics.

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