The Order: 1886: More Info on Graphics Technology Shared; There's Still Room for Improvement

The technology behind the graphics of Fall-bound PlayStation 4 poster boy The Order: 1886 is downright fascinating, and Graphics and Engine Programmer Matt Pettineo is definitely one of the men that know best about it.

Recently he shared some more information about the technology that's being used, also hinting to areas where there's still room for improvement.

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Chris0921484d ago

I really want this game so bad!!!

BX811484d ago

Hells yeah. I've been stoked since its reveal.

lets_go_gunners1484d ago

I really hope the game isn't as linear as the 3min demo let on. Still haven't bought a ps4 yet even though most of my friends have.

Bathyj1484d ago

That was one section, in an alley.

Besides what wrong with linear? Ive loved a lot of linear games, Ive loved a lot of open games. Its good to have both which we will have but people say linear now like its a dirty word.

lets_go_gunners1483d ago

I find linear games to be more scripted. Maybe you like that I don't.

Shane Kim1483d ago

"Sadly", scripted games gives the best SP experiences in my opinion.

Bathyj1483d ago

Well yeah, I find "scripted" games to have better stories, and pacing. But like I said, I like open world too. I dont see why there isnt room for both.

cannon88001483d ago


Half Life 2 is a linear game and it's still played to this very day by many people. The game is almost ten years old for crying out loud and I probably played it more than ten times. It's loved by so many people that they put their time and money to make tons of mods for it. It's probably the most modded game of all time and it's the highest rated pc game of all time.

You see? Linearity didn't slow it down one bit.

lets_go_gunners1483d ago

The difference between this and half life 2 is that HL2 isn't a cover shooter. It's a game that tosses gameplay first then it's story second. We both know that won't be the case with this game. It will be: go here *cutscene* go here *cutscene* linear fire fights ending with a *cutscene*.

truefan11484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

I promise you I'm not hating, but there has got to be more to this game than graphics. Since its reveal it has been graphics graphics graphics. Why not either stay quiet or talk about great graphics and great gameplay. Even the trailer was 2 minutes 50 seconds cut scenes and 10 seconds gameplay. I'm not saying you have to release gameplay footage, but at least talk about it.

Geekman1484d ago

EXACTLY. All we've been getting is graphics information, which might be the reason I'm not that interested in it yet.

Tatsuya 1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Looks at all the 'agreed' people above. *laughs, they are all Xbots pos. Makes sense.

Yo, let's talk about Ryse revolutionary gameplay,oh wait! nope, it has been massively downgraded upon release, a lot of funny as shit QTEs and the gameplay sucks overall and you know WHAT. best of all, when the game was first previewed they were showcasing it's graphic's prowess like it's some kind of a next gen thing unfortunately, we have been proven otherwise :)

pyramidshead1483d ago

E3. Stop trolling. Stating 'I'm not hating' with a known history of faux-objectivity isn't going to get you any where, people aren't stupid.

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TheRatedD1484d ago

Sony is already dropping the megatons this year. I can't wait to see more of this.

ltachiUchiha1484d ago

Hopefully we see alot more gameplay at e3 with them fighting the half breeds. They showed a small teaser & have been quiet about the game. Im sure they are going to wow us at e3. I just hope that uncharted 4 isnt shown before they unveil more gameplay because i have a feeling uncharted 4 will just make most everything else look average after it is revealed.

Bathyj1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

You might want to temper those expectations just a little bit to avoid possible disappointment.

I know Uncharted will be gorgeous, theres no reason to think otherwise, but I think Naughty Dog finally have a bit of competition in the graphics department now.

They will not blow everything else away by a large margin like they have before. They will likely still be industry leaders as always, but they will have some company this time, as Second Son and The Order have demonstrated.

dodgemoose1484d ago

How can you make that judgement? We haven't seen any in-game footage yet, so it's not like we can compare it to Second Son or The Order.

ltachiUchiha1484d ago

I dont know man, Naughty Dog just knows how to push the hardware to new heights better then any other dev. Remember that Sucker Punch & Ready At Dawn Studios are showcasing great things but remember Naughty Dog is part of the Ice Team that help push the graphics & create tools for better development. I mean look at The Last of Us. Last Gen game that can still stand up to Next Gen games.


Pretty impressive for a Last Gen game.

Bathyj1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Hey, Id love to be proven wrong. And I guess graphics are going to improve over time, so if anyones ahead of the curve it would be Naughty Dog for sure.

I'm just saying what weve seen is already so good, my brain cant even grasp too much better so soon. But like I said, I'd love to be wrong. ND have risen the bar everytime they released a game last gen so its always possible.

Love The Last of Us pic.
Doesnt that Hair Trigger Poster remind you of The Transporter?

DigitalRaptor1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

@ ItachiUchiha

That screenshot is gorgeous. Naughty Dog really knows how to apply the fine details. Dare I say, TLOU has the most gorgeous, natural lighting in any game to date.

Can only imagine how the PS4 version is going to look. And after seeing the texture work in Second Son, Uncharted 4 is going to look almost too good for the eyes.

@ bathyj

Yep, was thinking the same thing. It's intentional. Love all those "parody" posters they have in the game.

ltachiUchiha1483d ago


I think thats what it really was meant to be but maybe do to copy right they changed the name lol. Still love it though that they added little things like that.


Yeah I mean even to this day some of my family members who come down from out of state and aren't really gamers. When I let them try out The Last of Us, it's always the same answer I get. Wow it looks like a movie & feels life like. If anyone ever wonders why Uncharted & The Last of Us are such huge steps forward compared to most other games, your average gamer might not notice it but the movements alone from the characters in these games bring the game to life & of course the stunning visuals.

People say graphics ain't needed for games to be fun which is true but why not have the best of everything in one whole package? Like great graphics, great gameplay, great characters, great sound, great immersive world, & great story & as a bonus a great online multiplayer. This is the reason why Naughty Dog are the best.

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