Watch_dogs - New Video Shows Off PC Version's Wind, Water, Light & Tesselation Effects

DSOGaming writes: "Our dear friends over at PCGamesHardware have posted a new tech video from the PC version of Watch_Dogs. This new video shows off some of the game's graphics features (do note that they are not all exclusive to the PC version) such as wind, water, light & Tesselation."

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ATi_Elite1572d ago

Looks like Watch Dogs PC graphics got downgraded. LOL

I'm more concerned with Gameplay than graphics and i hope WD has great gameplay in this big sandbox they built.

webeblazing1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

lol i was getting ready to say that lol. ill give the reasonable doubt on all vers. it looks good so imma buy it anyway. theyre mainly a pc dev team so ill wait and see. but that beat tho ;) imma replay just for the beat lol

cyclindk1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Go a week without typing "lol," it'll do you good.

I cringe to imagine the day when people start using "lol" aloud in plain speech...

God help us.

Flutterby1572d ago


Go hang out around a big shops for a while and you may hear your nightmares come true as teens often say lol when something funny happens, it's disturbing to say the least.

webeblazing1572d ago

yall acting like i said it in person. yall do know this is just the internet right

B-radical1572d ago

Why laugh for I think its pathetic they did that

porkChop1572d ago

Yeah this is still a pretty noticeable downgrade from the original reveal, so clearly Jonathan Morin was lying. First he claimed that the PC version still looked like the original reveal, and then he said the PS4 version was nearly identical to PC. But it's very clear that neither version looks like what was promised.

I do care more about the gameplay though, and the current graphics still look pretty good. I'm still buying the game and have it preordered, I just don't like being constantly lied to. Just man up and tell your customers the truth for once Ubisoft.

hkgamer1572d ago

I agree with you. Gameplay > Graphics

I am a little dissapointed about the downgrade though, I know I don't have a PC to play it just feels like a shame.

It would be upto the modders to mod the hell out of this game and make it look incredible.

Meltic1572d ago

downgraded where ?. its a better and more smoother build. God knows if the other build would run smooth

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mysteryraz111572d ago

still doesnt look as good as the e3 2012 version

Qrphe1572d ago

This is always the case. Game gets developed and ported to other platforms, simple as that. Anyone who thought otherwise was just delusional.

ExitToExisT1572d ago

It looks nothing like the night time E3 2012 and the day time E3 2013 videos.

It looks like they completely re-did the lighting and shaders which are now look like crap and like any other game.
In the Watch_dogs we saw before, the game looked stunning both at daytime and night time because of the spectacular lighting and shaders. I guess these two were too much for ps4 and xbox one to handle:(

123pol1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

They are lazy bastards.. the only reason its downgraded is because they made the same game for last gen and current gen. and then just added some extra to the PC and current Gen..

i will be buying this game cuz it probably will be fun to play but im not happy about the graphical downgrade

orakle441572d ago

Lol, i love how you call them lazy bastards. Like you have any idea what these devs are like, and if you know anything about the process of making a game, i wouldn't say any dev is a "lazy bastard".

123pol1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

im on my last year in "collage" ( dont live in usa ) to be game programmer and seen first hand how the process of making a game works.

but hey if a random dude say i have no idea how the process works then it must be so .

but maybe the word "lazy" is not the correct one maybe cowards or cheap since they didnt have the guts or the financial backing to go with an all next gen version, so they made the same game for both platforms and had to gimp the current gen and PC versions because of that.
This is because it costs to much to make 2 separate games with different models.
And because they wanted to get as much money as possible instead of making a true "nextgen" game that made an impact.

Flutterby1572d ago

You went to and are in your last year of a "collage" ? I guess the education isn't the best right , here is a cut and paste of the definition of "collage" *a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.*

wannabe gamer1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

@Flutterby you are trying so hard to make someone look dumb that you have made yourself look like a fool. He said he isnt from USA and he put collage in quotes. No where else in the world do they call it college(typically reffered to as University for the most part) so that is why he is unfamiliar with the term and why he put it in quotes. remember that the world does not revolve around the USA and how they name things, esp when they are the oddball when compared to the rest of the world.

Chuk51572d ago

What a joke of a comment. You know no thing.

sourav931572d ago

Shame that you can't even spell "college"...

babyhand1572d ago

people are so......

until you have actually made a game, dont act like you know whats up.

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TheRatedD1572d ago

I can't wait for this. Ubisoft always delivers.

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