Co-founder of Xbox isn’t sure if VR will succeed

Ed Fries, co-founder of the Xbox and former vice president of game publishing, took to Yabbly for an AMA session. Among the various topics on which he elucidated — such as how he regrets releasing the original Xbox with its infamous enormous gamepad — he spoke about virtual reality, spurred on by Facebook’s recent Oculus Rift acquisition. He noted that, perhaps surprisingly, he is skeptical of the current VR trend, and isn’t sure whether or not it will succeed.

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MasterCornholio1601d ago

Nothing is a sure thing but someone has to try it to see if it will succeed. I dont believe it will replace using a TV but it could be a very popular alternative.

I remember in the good old days when smart phones were seen as a silly item and most people saw the technology as a failure. Then came along Apple who did smart phones right and look what happened.

In my opinion VR can be successful but they need to do it right.