Has Assassin's Creed lost its way?

Cev at Codec Moments wonders if Ubisoft are losing their focus on the delivery of the ideal Assassin experience.

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-Foxtrot1510d ago

I think it has

I enjoyed AC4 Black Flags, it was a solid game on it's own but come on guys, admit it, for an ASSASSINS Creed game it sucked. It felt like a totally different game at times and even the present day sections which hold the AC story together were worse then the Desmond ones, I mean a blank nameless character in first person mode....yawn.

If it was a spin off like AC3: Black Flags then fair enough, it's a spin off and because it's Connors grandfather and Haythams dad it would link into Assassins Creed 3s story/characters could easily pass it off but for it being a MAIN game with a subtitle AND being about Pirates something on the other end of the spectrum to Assassins it didn't make sense...just a way to use the Naval battle system they did in AC3 so it didn't feel wasted. I would of rather had a brand new Pirate IP, we haven't got any of those have we.

For a game which can add Pirates, treasure maps, naval battles, first person present day sections and other gameplay additions which don't really add to the AC theme...they can't even add something as simple as a crouch button which should of been in from the start with it being a Stealth like game.

I really hope they get back on track with AC5.

crusf1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I loved the game much better than III. But the story felt more like a spin off then anything else,and the present day sections were tacked on and boring. At least in III they had present day platforming section. I mean hacking really? Leave that to the side characters. I don't believe it sucked as an Assassins Creed game at all. It should have been AC: BLACK FLAG and that's it.

vongruetz1510d ago

AC1 was beautiful, but not a good game.
AC2 was beautiful and a good game.
Then you had a couple of clones of AC2.
AC3, not very good.
AC4 was excellent.
I think it's heading in the right direction.

Elda1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Yes..enjoyed the first two games couldn't get into 4 especially with driving the ships all the time which was repetitive uninteresting & it took away the action known for in AC games.

Lucreto1510d ago

I am the opposite I spent hours just sailing around listening to the sea shanties. I had maxed out all the resources after I fully upgraded the ship. I loved the game and it was the best since Ac2.

crusf1510d ago

Fans wanted ship sections and now they don't. What?

TheRatedD1510d ago

AC gets better and better with every game. The only time it took a step back was with AC3, and even that wasn't a bad game. AC is a quality series.

Sadist31510d ago

You're definitely smoking crack

crusf1510d ago

True Fact: People who say other people are smoking crack are smoking crack.

dodgemoose1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I agree, it's a quality series and I think it's great that's its got annual releases as well since Ubisoft has the vast resources available to maintain the same level of quality every game (haven't played ACIII, so can't speak for that).

Also find it funny how people (such as those above) complain about the change in focus. If things hadn't been switched up, they'd almost certainly be bitching about how it's not evolving enough and Ubisoft aren't taking any risks, yada yada yada.

TheRatedD1510d ago

Exactly. Last time I posted that about changing the formula I got bombarded with dislikes. AC4 was a true AC game, but some people, for some reason, just don't get that.

-Foxtrot1510d ago


It's not because people don't get's you

"AC4 was a true AC game"

It's really not. Pirates in an ASSASSINS Creed game doesn't make it the true Assassins Creed game

How can you not get that....I mean come on Pirates make this game which is supposed to be about Assassins a true ASSASSINS Creed game. Like Sadist3 says above you must be smoking crack.

The second game is the true AC game

Shadonic1510d ago

I'd prefer them take more time to work on the characters. I hope there out of it and the new assassin we get is far more interesting.

Baccra171510d ago

If you haven't played 3 then you can't really speak on this at all.

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TheRatedD1510d ago


So you think you know better than the makers of the games what an "Assassin's Creed" game is? LOL

And while AC2 is second best in the series (behind Black Flag) Patrice Desilets has said the first game is the most pure AC game. So I guess you also know better than the creator of the series...

sweendog1510d ago

That pic makes a simple roundabout seem like brain surgery. Its got to be an American sign as us in the Uk go the other way round. Simple rule outside lane if you are taking the first exit or going straight on, inside lane if you are going round the roundabout. Oh and yeah assassins creed has lost its way

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