The Daily Five: Best April Fools’ Jokes

"Everyone loves a good April Fools’ Day joke. The problem is that so few of them are actually, you know, good. Each year, we are bombarded by lame video game related April Fools’ Day jokes that just make us groan and roll our eyes. Every so often, someone comes up with a prank that is quite enjoyable. Maybe it is a story that hits close to reality and manages to fool people. Perhaps it’s just something that is laugh out loud funny.

Today, we are listing off five of our favorite video game April Fools’ Day jokes" - Travis Tucker

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Geobros1426d ago

Haha!! I wouldn't believe that apple prepares a new video game console even it wasn't april's joke. Apple's last console, Pippin, was a big failure. I don't think they would do another video game console in the future....