Trials Fusion is 720p on PS4

New info on the game's product listing on the Playstation Store reveals that despite the PS4's impressive hardware, Trials Fusion will run at 720p when it releases later this month.

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porkChop1539d ago

This game isn't much of a looker and isn't very hard to run, so we can safely assume the developers just didn't bother taking the time to optimize anything. Should be 1080p on both PS4 and XBO.

FriedGoat1539d ago

I won't be buying it. I was totally going to aswell. That's what laziness gets you.

TrueJerseyDevil1539d ago ShowReplies(2)
theXtReMe11539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Yeah, that's a little ridiculous. This game in no way, shape or form should be under 1080p/60fps. You can count me out. I refuse to support developers who are lazy. Especially, considering this game is $39.99. Season pass or no.

Meltic1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

April April fool. It must be

yewles11539d ago

If that's the case, it shouldn't hurt them to make a 480p version on PS3/360/Wii U. I dare them...

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The story is too old to be commented.