Makoto Asada Japanese xbox one exclusive about to be revealed (teaser site up)

fauxbuzz-It's called SHINASUTIMIKIRA Project. It was announced that he was working on a Xbox One game. Microsoft said that they would announce the launch window games for Japan they did say we will hear more info at the end of April so the reveal might be related.

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christocolus1486d ago

Last year it was rumored he was working on two xbx one games..hope its something exciting though.

Dark_matter1485d ago

what games did this guy make?

cfc781485d ago

Arcade shooters for xb360.

Dark_matter1485d ago

Thankyou cfc78, that's more of an answer I was looking for and for that, you get a bubble

cfc781485d ago

Cheers for the bubble happy to help a fellow gamer.

Flamingweazel1485d ago

japanese game exclusive to xbox, talk about a waste.

OpieWinston1485d ago

Now that Phil Spencer is head of Xbox, Microsoft can now pump out some good Japanese games because he actually is respectful of the Japanese culture when it comes down to gaming.

Dark_matter1485d ago

that...really... didn't answer my question lol but that was a good answer

ger23961485d ago

He did death smiles on the 360.

Spurg1485d ago

Might be an arcade game