inFAMOUS: Second Son: No Cutscene Skip Explained; Ringtone Coming Tomorrow; More Options Considered

Today Sucker Punch and Sony announced a patch to add a few very popular options to inFAMOUS: Second Son, but Sucker Punch isn’t stopping there.

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THE-COMMANDER1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Im really loving all the support Sucker Punch is giving to this game.
I have enjoyed evey bit of this game even after the platinum im still enjoying the paper trail.

Amazing game.

Lucreto1598d ago

I get a fright ever time that Delsin's phone rings and nearly drop the controller. Those controllers are expensive I can't be dropping it every few minutes.

rdgneoz31598d ago

If you go into the system options menu for sound, you can lower the volume of the controller. I did that after playing Resogun for a while...

Lucreto1598d ago

It's not the volume it is a sudden sound coming from the controller. I have to get used to it.

InMyOpinion1598d ago

That's a good tip! Thanks rdgneoz3!

pedrof931598d ago


That's a nice touch.

Have you notice in the graffiti secondary missions that when you shake the DS4 it makes the same noise as spray paint bottle ? That's another nice touch.

Kidmyst1597d ago

Also the light bar changes color depending on what color your spraying. Didnd't see it at first since my fingers were over it like a spray can.

icewater851597d ago

I love the sounds that come from the controller. I liked it in Resogun, Knack, and this game. I hope devs continue to use this feature.

ion531596d ago

@pedrof The light bar also changes depending on your Lv and if you're good or Evil. Blue for Good, Red for Evil. And the colours get darker the higher you level up

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Miss_Vixen1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I know what you mean about the sudden sound. I got shocked a few times myself. x)

I can imagine the speaker element from the control would add very effective subtle fright & immersions if done right in a survival horror game.

Clover9041598d ago

Yikes, don't give developers any ideas. I could barely get through Outlast (though I enjoyed every frightful minute of it).

pedrof931598d ago

I couldn't beat it. I couldn't.

InMyOpinion1598d ago

Imagine being chased by some lunatic and hearing his voice in the controller. Breathing heavily, humming on scary lullabies and yelling "There you are!", but sometimes just as a prank, to make you not know when he actually sees you or not.

FYI I would not play that game...

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1598d ago

Outlast 2 ? But SP nailed the DS4 perfectly. The way you use the touchpad it feels natural and not gimmicky. Also the sounds from the speaker sound like you are actually there. That was the way Sony envisioned the DS4 to be used. And SP used it perfectly.

InMyOpinion1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Yes, it's almost Outlast I described there lol. Games scared my pants off.

What game is SP? Is it on PS4 because I wanna play it. *edit* Early morning, tired. Sucker Punch of course.

Couldn't get enough of the spray can tagging. They definitely utilized the controller in cool ways, and I hope other devs do the same. Adds to the immersion. And the DS4 is so accurate!

Dirtnapstor1597d ago

That's what headsets are for! Especially if the developer takes advantage of directional sound.

sander97021598d ago

I don't think SP knows how to make the end game fun because what they are saying with "Waves of enemies" and "repopulate the city with DUP" just sounds boring because the problem is not that there aren't things to do but the problem is that the things you can do are boring as hell right now!

DanteVFenris6661598d ago

Give some ideas then. The fun is the powers. I wouldn't mind a challenging wave mode. They could make more missions in dlc. But for free content you are probably looking at something like that

sander97021598d ago

Well Some more "sidemissions" other then just killing protesters would be nice and more interactions with pedestrians, there are a bunch of things they can do and hopefully we will get that in an upcoming update or DLC

Humanbean741597d ago

I love the game but it does get repetitive after a while though!

lostkey1598d ago

I'd like to see your conduit allies still exist within Seattle after endgame whether helping with larger more intense raids, traversing, etc.

Pintheshadows1598d ago

I want to be able to summon them to fight alongside me.

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