Goat Simulator 2014: 7 videos that prove how insane this game is

Here are 7 videos from Goat Simulator 2014 that prove how absolutely insane the game actually is.

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Agent_hitman1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Seriously I'm sueprised that this game gained a lot of hype this past weeks/months. Might as well try this game..

According to the reviews, it seems that this game is good indeed.

ironfist921568d ago

Cant be any worse than say Alien: colonial marines

MasterCornholio1567d ago

Dont you dare mention that POS.

Everytime someone mentions that game it burns me as an Aliens fan.

Please for the sake of the franchise let Isolation be a good game.

Dark_matter1567d ago

Let's hope they don't milk this franchise (pun intended)

Picnic1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

A game cannot be insane. That's how it was programmed without any choice of its own. Technically , an accountancy spreadsheet is just as insane as this game. More so than this game perhaps as this game doesn't make claims to be real life.

pat_11_51567d ago

Thanks buddy. U can talk not can do good.