Fez 2 Is Back Or April Fools?

Phil Fish says Fez 2 is back on. Is it a prank? Or something more avant garde?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1333d ago

Yea I'm gonna go with April fools.

Kingthrash3601333d ago

yeah, me too.
i wouldn't mind being wrong though.

Thantalas1332d ago

I watched Indie Game the Movie and Phil Fish was so passionate about making his game. Yes the twitter spat with Marcus Bore got so out of control that he 'quit' making Fez 2. But you know what? When you have that much love for gaming one incident won't kill it off. I'm hoping he is making Fez 2 and he decided to announce it on 1st April as the ultimate troll! It also means he won't be getting all that media attention. We'll see...

annus1332d ago

Phil's whole life is a joke.

HappyWithOneBubble1332d ago

And your life must be better huh?

mixelon1332d ago

I hope he's messing with us and it's true. Fez was great and we need more eccentric devs. :D (even if we don't always agree with them)

CernaML1332d ago

Fez is absolutely amazing. I would be delighted if this was true.

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