South Park The Stick of Truth gets its first DLC packs

If you’re still enjoying South Park The Stick of Truth then you may be interested to know that a few content packs bringing new costumes and special abilities are now available to purchase.

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ScubaSteve11484d ago

i knew they would do this. its great for people who didn't preorder

Christopher1484d ago

I just hope there's DLC to add new stories to the game down the road. The game could use an xpack type add-on badly. I need more South Park if it's of the same quality as the core game.

Nitrowolf21484d ago

I knowm, they need imagination land DLC XD

Christopher1484d ago

Oh, geeze, that would be freaking awesome Nitrowolf2.

WeAreLegion1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

I guess it's not story DLC, so it's ok?

Edit: I hate pre-order DLC. I have it, but I freakin' hate it. Exclusive offers at retailers suck, too. Ugh.

rdgneoz31484d ago

They're basically selling preorder DLC.

Clown_Syndr0me1484d ago

Ahh I was going to post this but couldn't find it.
I think after such a bold statement, releasing any sort of DLC - especially paid, is pretty bad.

porkChop1484d ago

It's just the preorder DLC.

Clown_Syndr0me1484d ago

I did a search before selling the game and found a couple of articles where the devs claimed their will be 100% no DLC for the game.
Oh well if its just costumes and abilities, I'm not missing out on much.

zeusky1484d ago

the need to release DLC that ups the level cap from 15

Clown_Syndr0me1484d ago

Whats the point? I hit level 15 around the end of the game, and after that there is literally nothing to do.
Done all side missions, got every achievement, there would be no point at all levelling further?

zeusky1484d ago

in your case there would be no point. but i hit level 15 before i even got the nagasaki fart. i probably battled in the woods against wolves too long before i had any purpose of being in the woods haha.

but why not take the skyrim route and have a really high level cap and release extra quests as dlc?

MNGamer-N1484d ago

I'm sick of DLC. Just make a game, all at once. Really tired of it. Especially when the DLC costs as much as the game itself.

crusf1484d ago

Then people complain theirs NO DLC.

SegaGamer1484d ago

I wouldn't complain. DLC has been abused by greedy developers to the point that i wish DLC was dead.

To say i hate it would be an understatement.

SegaGamer1484d ago

I frigging hate DLC for this very reason.

I want to go back to the days where i could buy the game and be sure that i am playing the whole game.

DLC has done nothing for the gamers, all it has done is give the developers more money.

Kivespussi1484d ago

Some devs do DLC well. Too bad mostly it's just overpriced map packs, costumes etc.
But if DLC is done correctly it can be great. Dark souls DLC was one of the examples how it's done correctly: Not a month after the game launches and not releqsed because they needed quick cash but because fans requested it. And it was really just more dark souls for those that want it.

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