10 Years Later: Halo 2

Throughout the month of April, Matthew Byrd of Pixel Critique will be taking a look at the 30 games that defined one of the greatest years in gaming history; 2004. It starts with a shooter you may have heard of.

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Denton561515d ago

What an incredible year.

Halo: CE will probably always be my favorite Halo game, but I spent more time in Halo 2 than any other.

Convas1515d ago

Yes, it's the perfect time to revisit Halo 2 ...

*Cough* Please announce Halo 2 Anniversary Microsoft *cough*

ovnipc1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Xbox should release halo 2 as first gwg on xbox one. I think lots of ppl will like that.

BirdMan0141515d ago

"10 years later, Halo 2 has justified the hundreds and hundreds of hours its fans put into it, by leaving them with the ability to re-kindle that kid at Christmas feeling the anticipation of its initial release provided, merely by remembering it."

Wow. Surprisingly well said.

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