13 Most Unluckiest Gaming Characters

Luck — some people have it, others not so much, like the 13 Unluckiest Video Game Characters. Luck’s the term we, humans, give to the random forces of the universe which determine whether good things or bad things happen to you. Some people can strut up to a Las Vegas casino and walk away a thousand dollars richer without blinking an eye. We’re not talking about those kinds of people here, though, we’re talking about video game characters whose misfortune is so grave you’d think the universe had it in for them. They are the 13 Unluckiest Video Game Characters.

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C_Menz1598d ago Man that website really shoves advertisements right through your face.

Ilovetheps41597d ago

I don't click through the websites that have every part on a separate pages. I hate it so much.

viccrack1597d ago

oh yea but its a good post :D

cyclindk1597d ago

Most unlucky or unluckiest... please not both

Conzul1597d ago

Now now, he went to the mostest bestest school in the lands. It's not his fault.

kneon1597d ago

Mario and/or Princess Peach should be on the list, how may times has she been kidnapped and how many times has Mario had to rescue her? It must be a dozen or more.