The Ideal Game

Written by William Malone - "When I was younger, I would play Mario and enjoy every minute of it. As I grew up, I realized that modern video-games are not necessarily superior to their predecessors. Sure these ‘new’ games have better graphics, more controls, and you can do more than just side scroll, but these do not contribute in any major way to the games story. I would spend endless hours playing older games like Mario and The Legend of Zelda without nearing completion. That being said, what exactly would make a game the most ideal video-game?"

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Geekman1480d ago

My idea video game is a game that will last me a long time, provide a challenge, keep me entertained after I've beaten the game, and have replay value.

DCfan1480d ago

Too bad we're stuck with games that give much attention to set pieces instead of gameplay.

Melankolis1480d ago

an ideal game has to have :
1. Great graphic
2. Great gameplay
3. Great sound and music
4. Great storyline, and...
5. Unforgettable moments

The most ideal game recently is MGS4...

kazuma9991480d ago

.hack games and Zone of the enders = awesome and .hack takes forever if you want to unlock everything.

Nerd4Sure1479d ago

Not sure why two people disagree with you..I say yes everything needs to mix together to create an ideal game. Graphics aren't the most important but the style is.

Geobros1479d ago

Graphics is last for me. Gameplay is the most important, storyline and music of course. Thats why I found A Link Between Worlds the most beautiful game I played the last 5 years.....

That was ideal, yes!!!!