First Work in Progress Gameplay Screenshots of Unreal Engine 4 Stealth-Action FPS, Wake Up Call

OnlySP: Millan Singh, the Creative Director of Wake Up Call, the upcoming next-gen stealth-action FPS, has just sent us the very first batch of work-in-progress gameplay screenshots.

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Axonometri1452d ago

Too bad this game will only be running at 688px × 350px. Either these guys need to read about optimization and poly count, or Epic has some serious issues with UE4.

Seriously, whats the point in showing "screenshots" that are so compressed?

PockyKing1452d ago

It's not really that they're compressed, we're working on a new solution to deliver screenshots on the site just continuing to work on optimization at the moment. As of right now the shots are exclusive to OnlySP, but I'm sure Dark Synergy will put them up on their own site soon.

Axonometri1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

My point, UE4 does not run at 350 pixels, let's see the native resolution shots.

PockyKing1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Alrighty, will update the post without the slider. Check back in about 2 minutes.

EDIT: Updated, you'll need to click on the thumbnail to see the full resolution shot.

abzdine1451d ago

looks like garbage to me.
never been a fan of UE

ATi_Elite1452d ago

Everything is so Bright, Clean, and Pretty.


the real world is not so shiny.

X-Ray Engine does rust and dirt so well while these new game engines are too clean.

NarooN1451d ago

X-Ray as in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. engine? Hell yeah man, to this day, the X-Ray engine has the best lighting I've ever witnessed in a game. Baffles me how so few games even today can match it. X-Ray looks insane when you start adding mods to it as well.

Dee_911451d ago

do you know what a work in progress is?

3-4-51452d ago

Looks good. Art style seems appealing without trying to be TOO "realistic" (dark & brown/grey)

Milesprowers1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Not Epic's fault consoles are slow, people too dumb to build a PC.

TruthInsider 1451d ago

Generic fps with very average and dull looks.
Will be one of those games that is in the bargain bin after 2 months.

It's next gen ffs, give us something inspired.

ATi_Elite1451d ago

this game is gonna Debut in the Bargain Bin!

DoomeDx1451d ago

Everytime I see UE4 screenshots I see overdone reflections.

Its the only thing UE4 has going for it it seems :/

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Axonometri1452d ago

Better... still compressed and odd size.. but I can see. Thanks... I really did want to view them.

air11451d ago

See what? What is it that you guys look for to know its compressed?

NarooN1451d ago

Compare & contrast JPEG with PNG. PNG is completely uncompressed and has larger file sizes, whilst JPEG is compressed to allow for smaller file sizes, for quicker downloads. A PNG file will maintain all of the original information in an image to ensure 100% quality, while a JPEG will "cheat" and maintain an overall decent representation of the original image.

You can easily tell if an image has been compressed by looking for "fuzziness", artifacts, blended colors, things like that. It's the same as recording footage with a digital camera and putting it on your hard drive. Play the raw footage, which is most likely uncompressed, and it'll look the same as it did when you recorded it. However, the file size will be massive as a result. 99% of the time, these videos will be re-rendered and compressed to have lower file sizes. Depending on the bitrate and codec used, the quality can still be great, but some of the original info gets lost and such, which can make the file size smaller.

Same thing happens for audio, like comparing 128kbps mp3 to WAVE or FLAC. One thing I've always hated about YouTube is how it absolutely rapes the quality of your video, regardless of how well you encode it, and it is still limited to 30fps after all these years. /ramble

air11451d ago

Thanks naroon! I never realized there are so many different options and just how bad and good each option is..

So what does xb1 use for the upload service I've done maybe a handful of videos and they don't look all that great I've noticed some look worse over time... Must be JPEG? Is something like that upgradable by firmware?

dale_denton1452d ago

was thinking the same man.. mirror's edge with guns?

ironfist921451d ago

So, basically Mirror's Edge.

air11451d ago

Yea but his foot looks like its in a weird position.

Clown_Syndr0me1451d ago

When I saw the picture I immediately thought "Mirrors Edge 2?".

modesign1452d ago

they stole mirrors edge, and lumped it in unreal 4. congrats.

Petro1451d ago

Well Mirror's Edge did use Unreal Engine 3. :)

barb_wire1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Those shots remind me of a 'Star Trek' set on the TV show.. bright, shiny and all clean with nothing out of place. Kinda looks like that faculity in that Tom Cruise movie 'Oblivion' too.

PockyKing1452d ago

Well this is just a test level so they can work with their core mechanics. If you search for Wake Up Call, there's some concept art that should give you a better idea of what they're going for.

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