Why Dark Souls II Should Be the Next Game You Buy Your Child

Dimitri Gedevanishvili, GIZORAMA - "The Souls series of games, known for their family-friendly themes and kid-approved gameplay elements, released its third entry in March of this year to critical acclaim. Read on to learn why Dark Souls II should be the next game you buy your child.

The long-awaited follow up to 2011’s Dark Souls, which followed protagonist Ronald Souls as he fought dastardly “Dark” members of his family, promises to improve on all of the best gameplay elements of the first game and more. Ronald’s golden unicorn won’t be making another appearance, however, as it too perished with Ronald at the end of the first game. I personally remember sitting with my younger cousin as he finished the short five hour campaign. The look on his face when his favorite protagonist was betrayed by his own father was heart wrenching."

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Irishguy951571d ago

It will give them a life lesson if how to be patient and when you try you succeed

SegaGamer1570d ago

All that talk about not letting kids play games that is not for their age yet these guys ask us to do just that.