CGM Lunch Breaks – Infamous: Second Son

This week two of the CGM writers play some Infamous: Second Son.

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ArchangelMike1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

You guys come across as if you have absolutely no idea... just watching you play the game shows that you're not even trying.

I don't get it. You completely rag on Infamous Second Son, but then you gave it a 9/10 in your review. You say Sony is milking it's franchises, and that we didn't need another Infamous game etc etc. But you forget that it's only the third game in the series. You also say that the graphics don't stand out and that it is comparable to a PS3 and 360 game? WHAT? Really? You guys just trollying on April fools day, c'mon admit it! Otherwise it doesn't really make sense why you give it a 9/10. Sounds like you should have given the game a 4/10 from you comments on the vid.

Oh and btw Prototype completely bombed. You keep comparing Second Son to Prototype, WTH! It just shows how completely out of touch you guys really are.

brew1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

They both massively sucked at the game , and their opinions were mostly terrible.

Story Quality ? = wtf?
Like this website ? = No