Persona 4 Possibly Coming to PS3 as PS2 Classic

Not an April Fool’s joke.

If you’ve never played Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2 and you can’t play Persona 4 Golden because you don’t own a PlayStation Vita, you’re given one last chance to rectify this. The Electronic Software Ratings Board (ESRB) has rated Persona 4 for the PlayStation 3.

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iXenon1542d ago

P4G spoiled me with all its additional content but I think anyone who hasn't been able to play P4 should definitely give it a shot if they own a PS3. You won't regret it.

Mr Pumblechook1542d ago

If you want to play it on the big screen its better to wait for the Vita TV and play Person 4 Golden - if you like trophies it of course has them.

iXenon1542d ago

Didn't Vita TV flop in Japan? I'm not even expecting a North American release at this point.

Lovable1542d ago

Best game ever made for me.

overrated441542d ago

Yup, after playing it a few years ago it officially became my favorite game, ever.

SixtyNine1542d ago

P4G is downloading on my VITA as we speak..

gano1542d ago

How bout idontknow valkrye profile silmeria, or the .hack games.
I think we good on persona games till 5 drop.

Hicken1542d ago

I do like the games you listed, but I can never have enough Persona.

rextraordinaire1542d ago

Yes, Valkyrie Profile Silmeria was an awesome game, so was the .hack series. But there is never too much Persona. ;)

Summons751542d ago

Yes! I've been waiting to replay .Hack for a couple weeks now. HD remake or PS2 classic would be perfect for the original 4 games.

Inception1542d ago

How about Persona 4, VP: Lenneth and Silmeria, .hack games, Wild Arms 3-5, Xenosaga eps 1-3, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud 1-2, Tales of Legendia & Abyss, and Front Mission 4 as PS1/2 classic?

DCfan1542d ago

Lenneth is on the PSP right?

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The story is too old to be commented.