Oscar Nominated Screenwriter Will Work on the Splinter Cell Movie

Oscar Nominated Screenwriter, Sheldon Turner, has been tasked to pen the adaptation of Splinter Cell: he replaces another Oscar nominated writer Eric Singer (American Hustle).

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dcj05241595d ago

Now this I gotta see! Hope it's on a epic scale.

WeAreLegion1595d ago

This guy's work is hit or miss. I don't know about this.

DerekFlint0071595d ago

After being lucky enough to see an early screening of The Raid 2 last night, Hollywood has to seriously step it's game up in the action movie genre.

The action in The Raid 2 $h!ts on the mundane garbage that Hollywood spews out from outer space.

Hollywood needs to get more creative minds within the industry who can craft something fresh rather than the endless, faceless muscle bound nonentities prancing about in spandex costumes and dancing around the overused cgi explosions and sh!tty rapid cut choppy editing to hide the badly choreographed fight scenes.