Sweeney: VR Will Change The World, Bigger Than Smartphones

Tim Sweeney strongly believes that VR will change the world, eventually becoming an even bigger phenomenon than smartphones.

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aliengmr1571d ago

I think it will be big, but I'm not sure about smart phone big.

Just have to wait and see in a few years.

Alexious1571d ago

Yeah, I'm a bit doubtful as well.

TheUltimateGamer1571d ago

My thoughts exactly. The convenience alone should prove that statement wrong... But then again, we've been wrong before.

cyclindk1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Bigger than smartphones is a bit a ridiculous statement... simply because so many non-gamers have them as well.

It's akin to saying it will be bigger than TV monitors or something, except that would be much more likely than it coming close to matching, let alone surpassing, smartphone influence/impact on how we all function today.

karamsoul1571d ago

Just like no one thought the internet would become big. You never know...

Anon19741571d ago

I agree with him. This has some serious potential. VR in it's current form might not take off, but it's just the first step. You never know what this could evolve into.

Alexious1571d ago

Yeah, but in the meantime it's not like 2D is static. There are still improvements in that area as well, so it's a bit like a competition between the two.

Festano1571d ago

I hope it's a good idea to be realized.

WeAreLegion1571d ago

It will be huge, for better or worse.

Video games are a great escape from reality.

With the right technology, VR will be a completely new reality. An alternate reality.

That's going to be the best thing ever, followed by the most terrifying thing ever. Can't wait for the collapse of society.

curtis921571d ago

I hope so! I just snagged domain.

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The story is too old to be commented.