Rockstar Wants Nothing To Do With Xbox One

Latest reports have confirmed that Rockstar want nothing to do with the Xbox One and has currently focussed attention on the PS4

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jay21598d ago

So played GTA will go back where it belongs!

parentoftheyear1598d ago

OMG, people are ignorant. Read the damn article.

jay21598d ago

I did...... playing along.

xHeavYx1598d ago

"Author - Troll Burglar"

Naga1598d ago

You want people to read the article?

You can't always get what you want.

davequirky1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

i see what you did there, nice

Army_of_Darkness1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

" interviewed Jagger where he claimed he is currently saving up to buy a PS4 and hopes to have the money saved up in time to buy watch dogs"

What the hell?? is he at the point of living off paycheck by paycheck now?! LOL! this makes Jagger sound broke and washed up if he has to SAVE for a PS4...

I also want to point out that he sounds like a sore loser.

gamertk4211598d ago

I wanna buy a white Xbox One that was given to developers. I'd paint it black.

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ThePope1598d ago

Haha I was so mad for a second until I got the the article. Well played n4g

Trunkz Jr1598d ago

Actually, to go back to where it belongs would be the PC since thats where the 1st and 2nd were born.

system221598d ago

ah i remember it well. top down gameplay, lots of elvis impersonators etc etc... good times.

morganfell1598d ago

Where something was born and where it came into its own are two different things. Often when people use the word born they are not speaking of strict origination.

nunley331598d ago

It didn't get popular till GTAIII though, playstation is what made the franchise

system221598d ago

fanboy comments get april fooled... we all know you're eager to throw your opinion in, but maybe make sure you know what is you have an opinion about first ;)

SITH1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Prime example of did not read the article.

ATi_Elite1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

OK this dude said "is saving his money up to buy a PS4"

Don't these OLD DUDES make like $300K a show!

what are they blowing their money on? Old people creme and Adult diapers? lol

Love these April fool articles.

DarthZoolu1598d ago

LOL can people even read anymore?

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fonger081598d ago

This definitely takes the cheese as worst article of the day award...

buffalo10661598d ago

considering the day of the year that it is i will take this as a complement

Timesplitter141598d ago

it's not good when it's too obvious

rdgneoz31598d ago

"it's not good when it's too obvious"

Judging by comments, not a lot of people read the "article" before posting.

corvusmd1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Obviously an April fools day joke. Devs aren't this childish about the systems, only fanboys are. Esp since in the end state, you can't ever really tell the difference between multiplats on the different systems and if anything they'd be missing out on using the better network if they wanted to do something like GTOnline.

buffalo10661598d ago didnt read the article did you?

fonger081598d ago

Lol yeah I don't think anyone will.

buffalo10661598d ago

cheer up a bit theres no need to be negative its a bit of a laugh

maniacmayhem1598d ago

Time to read past the headline folks.

zeusky1598d ago

does it occur to anyone that people actually DID read the article and are just posting comments as if they didnt to troll the rest of us?

davequirky1598d ago

Aprils fools - where everything is a joke and idiots don't understand anything

Hellsvacancy1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Can't wait for this day to end

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