Halo game creator raises $5M for Industrial Toys game startup

Industrial Toys, founded by Halo co-creator Alex Seropian, is announcing today that it has raised $5 million from Accel Partners. Industrial Toys is hard at work on Midnight Star, a free-to-play shooter game designed from the ground up for tablets.

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ATi_Elite1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

The bet is that hardcore gamers will migrate from console games to tablets.

Well prepare to loose MONEY!

I can see a Tablet as another vehicle to access console games with a USB controller attached to it but not as is taking core gamers away.

deantak1350d ago

Well, the thing is that the hardcore gamers already have tablets and smartphones. They're going to play wherever they can. It won't replace home gaming. But it will expand their gaming activity. That's where someone will make money.

Sadie21001350d ago

Developers have tried the "shooter built from the ground up for tablets" thing before. How did that work out?

crusf1350d ago

I'ts actually been financially successful. The casual audience will believe anything including the fact that Mobile FPS will be just as good as Console ones

deantak1350d ago

when you compare hardcore content to what is currently available on mobile, i think you'll conclude there is a lot of opportunity here.