The Ultimate Collector's Experience


Destiny Ultimate Collector’s Edition Offers Players Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Don’t just play the game – live the adventure!

BELLEVUE, Wash. – April 1, 2014 – On September 9th, Destiny players will truly Become Legend with the launch of the “Get Your Ass to Mars” Collector’s Edition. This exclusive offering will send them on an epic journey, spanning more than 30 million miles and culminating in the complete sensory experience that only the physical universe can provide.

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snake91821483d ago

This has to be an April fools joke.

Whore_Mouth1482d ago

Nope. I just preordered it at Gamestop. I had to put $533,000 down on it. The clerk was really happy to see me

snake91821482d ago

Did he say if many people have preordered it?