Kaz Harai Leaves Sony: “I’ve Seen the Titanic, I Know Where This is Going.”

GaminRealm - In a truly astonishing turn of events, President and CEO of Sony Kaz Harai has officially announced today his resignation. The soon-to-be ex-CEO who seemed very adamant about turning the business around is giving up hope. GaminRealm managed to get into contact with Harai and he gave us some insight on his startling decision to leave the company.

“I just can’t do it anymore,” says Harai. “It’s agonizing to wake up everyday and try to revitalize something that I know is about to croak any second now. The iceberg is already hit, and there’s too many hull breaches. Jack and Rose are already in the water. Tretton had the right idea. Bod the Builder and Fix-It Felix couldn’t save us now.”

While this is no doubt a shocking occasion, it seems reasonable considering the financial troubles that has been experiencing for the last decade.

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fonger081601d ago

ugh... is april fools over yet?

Xsilver1601d ago

I think imma ignore N4g all daY UNTIL TOMORROW lol.

LOL_WUT1601d ago

Shokio couldn't help but counter the EA April fools joke! Stay salty people ;)

ShinMaster1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

It'd be funnier if Sony wasn't also hiring people as well.
Suspension of disbelief I guess.

christocolus1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Lol..something similar was put up earlier about nintendo ceasing wii u production, it was a very expensive april fools joke and I guess the mods pulled it down immediately.

It seems anything will make headlines today. Some of the jokes have been hilarious but others have been so awful and boring..but look on the bright side, this happens once in a year and the day is almost

Emilio_Estevez1601d ago

Nah, it's still there. Just probably won't see stuff like that on the header as it's not really newsworthy. People can still find them if they are looking.

medman1601d ago

Yeah, this is a pretty weak April 1st attempt.

Clarence1601d ago

Only a few more hours left thank god.

joab7771601d ago

In an unrelated story, Nintendo boughtxbox and he will run that too.

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Neonridr1601d ago

god, what a terrible April Fool's.

KionicWarlord2221601d ago

"Currently, my hands are built to destroy. I’m tired of selling buildings. With Nintendo, I can build them. With Iwata, I can finally experience what it feels like to actually hire someone, bringing “good feels” to people around the globe. "

ROFL too damn funny

ritsuka6661601d ago

Yea , this make my laugh hard.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31601d ago

With the way things are going for sony, I wouldnt have been surprised if this was said...yesterday...

theXtReMe11601d ago

Im a fan of Sony and I agree with this. They are in a bad way right now and have been for quite some time. I think it was a horrible mistake for them to jump into the VR game. THEy dont have the capital to keep shoveling money into the fire like this. They saw the exposure the Rift was getting and thought they could cash in on the hype.

Unfortunately, no first party accessory has ever succeeded, in the history of gaming. Not one. Hardware manufacturers keep trying to innovate gaming, while not realizing that gamers are happy as-is. Just give us some powerful hardware and some great games and we will use the same controllers on the same TVs for the next twenty years.

The thing that needs more innovation than anything else, is the games. Not the hardware. Im just guessing these manufacturers are using these delusions of grandeur as tax write-offs and could care less if they succeed or fail.

Sonys other divisions are performing terribly, with companies like Vizio destroying them in both costs and profits.Samsung is one of the few companies left who successfully innovate and even they are feeling the crunch from these Taiwanese and Chinese companies. Releasing products for pennies on the dollar. Products like 50" 4K TVs at $700. Just nuts!

So, unless Sony finds a way to compete on a more competitive, profitable level... They are doomed to continue repeating their debt ridden history. A change at the helm of the parent company may be just what the company needs to turn things around and succeed. Because obviously whatever they've been doing for the past 10 years, hasn't been working and they need a new game plan moving forward.

Their gaming division is one of the only divisions in the entire company making a profit. But it can't carry the entire company. So either they sell off the electronics division and focus completely on the game division, or everything goes down with the ship and the entire company fails.

DigitalRaptor1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

"They saw the exposure the Rift was getting and thought they could cash in on the hype."

Sony has continuous R&D from Magic lab that is producing concepts for this to put into games since 2010. There's no way that Sony could get a completely solid piece of hardware, ergonomic design and all, together for this including R&D from scratch in less than 18 months. PS4 was designed with VR in mind, and VR is happening on multiple fronts.

Valve is involved, Sony is involved, Facebook/Oculus is involved. It's going to be big, because the benefits to the gaming experience are immediately tangible and long-lasting, not shallow and limited like previous iterations of VR. I could understand if this was one company doing what they're doing, but based on impressions, VR is the real deal of immersion that we've all been waiting for, and it's no coincidence that the tech is at a level now, where companies can exploit it to provide more immersive experiences.

On the rest of your comment, I'll have to agree. However, they've already cut the divisions that were serving them with nothing. There is still a lot of restructuring work to do. That's also why we're seeing a lot of shift around at worldwide studios.

Still, you only need to simply look at the figures over the past few years though: 2012 - they lost $5.7 billion, which was less than their forecast of $6.4 billion. 2013 - they lost nothing, and gained small profit. 2014 - they are predicting $1.1 billion.

mediate-this1600d ago

Sony buys to many companies, so nany subsidiaries under the tree, they need to get rid of the horrible electronics company, sony has so much ip's in movies and music, getting into vr was a bad move. Its their electronics company that is killing them.

wsoutlaw871600d ago

what you just wrote doesnt make too much sense. You explain how sony cant compete in todays cheep tv market where people wait over 6 years to get a new tv, and then say they shouldn't invest in new markets. Your formula leads companies to disappear. Im sure they will sell enough to make at least some profit and its a new market that could do very well on the ps4

jc485731601d ago

"I just can't do it anymore." Man, you can come up with something better than that.

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