New Xbox One TV Tools in the Works; DVR Control & OneGuide Coming to SmartGlass

Since the launch of Xbox One, it’s been our mission to keep improving – the games, the entertainment, the all-in-one experience. That’s why we’re bringing some updates to you this month across Xbox Video and Xbox SmartGlass, and it’s why we’re also exploring exciting new features to bring TV elements to more global markets and a new option for using OneGuide on multiple devices. Let’s take a look.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1598d ago

The UK (where I am) still has no one guide, hopefully they get things moving, not so much for me but the wife would probably get alot of use out of it...

PhilJowns1598d ago

I'm in UK. Just checked out one guide and I've got it. I am in the beta preview though.

I don't have a satellite or cable box though so useless to me. I ran through the set up skipping the HDMI checks and you get to put in postcode and then choose sky, virgin, Freeview etc.

It gave me all the listings so it works just need to get a separate Freeview HD box so I can use it!

mcstorm1598d ago

I have just set it up with my sky hd box and seems to work ok with voice seems to bet skysports 1 and f1 mixed up but I'm sure the bugs will be sorted out shoo enough.

OpieWinston1598d ago

Been waiting for it to come to Canada. Thank you. Just helps me keep everything in order.

Gunstar751598d ago

So, still a few months away then :0(

thrust1598d ago

I have it now I should say

Gunstar751598d ago

Not sure why I got disagrees? I want to be a tester!! Boooo!!

Samsara821598d ago

Really cool feature I was waiting for...I'm part of the preview program so I should have it today :)

SliceOfTruth8881598d ago

its such a shame because i love the xbox one guide but its so painfully slow only because my Comcast X1 box is a laggy POS where it takes like 30 seconds for each button input to register

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The story is too old to be commented.