Is the Stage Builder Making a Return to Smash Bros. 4?

[Not an April Fools Prank] On Miiverse, Sakurai has uploaded the pic of the day, and there has been plenty of speculation from users. Some think that the stage builder is making a return! This post contains all the information.

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XisThatKid1602d ago

I really don't know why I do not give a @#$% about this game or franchise anymore. As I used to be an avid Smash fan to the point were I bought Ninty consoles just to get newest Smash. I bought 2 Smash Bros entertainment systems in the past 300+ isn't worth it for me anymore, and I damn sure don't care about the level builder returning. It's a shame Hacking and modding had to make Brawl a full game experience imho. That's what they need to focus on.

kirbyu1602d ago

It's totally a custom stage. The spring gives it away.