Official PS4 Carrying Case To Protect Your Playstation 4 System

Investing in a PS4 can be a costly venture, so why not make sure your next-generation console gets the kind of protection it truly deserves.

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Frankskint1539d ago

Nice been looking for a decent travel bag for my playstation 4. Thanks for the share.

JoGam1539d ago

The problem with that bag is it speaks rob me, I got a PS4. Walking through the streets in the wrong neighborhood may draw some attention.

Ron_Danger1539d ago

That's why you keep your Xbox 1 in the PS4 bag and your PS4 in your XBox bag.

GameSpawn1539d ago

"That's why you keep your Xbox 1 in the PS4 bag and your PS4 in your XBox bag."

All right Houdini, let's see you get that Xbox One in there, 'cus that'll be one hell of a magic trick.

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patelsanjeed1539d ago

This is perfect, sometimes my little cousins come round when I am not home and want to play in my room. Even though I tell my mum they are not aloud You should see my poor scratched PS3.

I can store my console away now from those little terrors.

Allsystemgamer1539d ago

Until they pick up the bag and decide to play catch with it...happened once to my game boy colour back in the day.

MasterCornholio1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I would like a dust cover though.

P.S Dust gets into the gaps easily which is why I want one.

ThatEnglishDude1539d ago

Lists for $68 on Amazon. Damn. If it was like $20 I would consider it, but that is WAY too high of a price.