Killzone Shadow Fall Insurgent Pack Out Today

By Poria Torkan: "Today marks the release of the Insurgent Pack, the first major multiplayer expansion pack for Killzone Shadow Fall. In addition to the new Insurgent character class, this pack adds a ton of exciting new content to the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer experience."

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Sevir1569d ago

Been playing this and waiting for the insurgent class update! :) Multiplayer is so good.

fardan851569d ago

It's hell of fun.
KZ feels like it's acquired taste, If you give it little bit of time and improve your skills then it becomes really great.
If you go in with "it's just a shooter" mentality then you get screwed.

candy_mafia1569d ago

I've never been into Shooty games, like ever! But, all I got with my PS4 bundle was Killzone, so (reluctantly) I was kinda forced to play it.

...and wowzer like bowzer! am I glad I did! I totally like that my character feels heavy and grounded to the floor, and the enemy are smart!!

Now I love fps games, even purchased BF4 last month :)

Sevir1569d ago

It feels like a mix of KZ2 and Mercenary in multiplayer! Doesn't surpass them but it's excellent

fardan851569d ago


I got KZ bundle too, but it was my choice.
I always liked KZ AI, they always provide a challenge, and they are brutal.

BF4 is good too.

Unfortunately for me, I lost my Vita around KZ:M release, barely tried the demo/beta which was good too. KZ2 was sick, great mp & sp.

trancefreak1569d ago

The Mplayer us so much smoother now. I have been playing since NOV 15th and there has alway been a choppy feel in the MP.

When the 2 free map packs were released I could tell immediatly some coding had been changed because once i went right back into the park, SLUMS 4 sure, and the Wall it felt horrible compared to the new maps. Now it appears gone and i am relived.

Unfortunately 4 me since I am on the west coast I play against a lot of our Japanese counter parts for some reason. I must admit though a lot of them kick Japanese players kick ass with ability rank. The Japanese voice pack even sounds freakishly good although i don't understand a Lick of their language.

Good Job Guerrilla.

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koolaid2511569d ago

I traded KillZone in I just couldn't get into the multiplayer.

Ron_Danger1569d ago

I was playin some Lego Marvel before work and the Killzone patch started downloading. Anyone else notice a download speed increase from Sony servers? It might have something to do with yesterday's maintenance, but I was downloading the patch at 10-15 Mbs/ second. I normally would get around 2-5 Mbs/ second (I have a Comcast plan at 50mbs/ second) from store downloads.

candy_mafia1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Hi Ron,

I noticed it was superfast too...took maybe 6 mins to D/L almost 800mb...I got 60Mbs Broadband though.

Ron_Danger1569d ago

Good to know I wasn't the only one.

MasterCornholio1569d ago

Sony upgraded their servers recently.

As they say you get what you pay for.

1nsomniac1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Yea me to, I bought Tomb Raider Definitive Edition the other day in the sale.

It's 22.5gb & it downloaded in 40 minutes. I usually get about 4mbs but I've noticed it started showing around 20mbs when I do a network test on it now.

The signal reception is very poor though, which is strange. My PS3 & PS4 are side by side & I use an ASUS RT-AC66U wireless router. The PS3 shows rock solid 100% signal but PS4 fluctuates between 60-70%. Its fine when your downloading but causes a lot of jitter & rubber banding in BF4 MP though.

koolaid2511569d ago

Bf4 rubberbands anyway no matter how fast your internet is especially the new naval assault map packs.

1nsomniac1569d ago

I can clear the rubber banding by moving the position of my router or my console. BF4 doesn't have the best netcode but the majority of people's issues with rubber banding would be down to signal issues.

trancefreak1569d ago

Mine awaited me when I arrived home at 5pm PST with auto update in hibernate mode. I just had to verify the I owned the season pass.

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Mackonthemoon1569d ago

Definitely playing this today!

candy_mafia1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I got an 798mb update today, but when I hit the PS Store tab to find out more, it tells me 'This Content Unavailable'

...anybody know wuzzup with that?


Oh yup that's right lool ...Thanks rdgneoz3.

rdgneoz31569d ago

Store hasn't updated yet.

Ron_Danger1569d ago

If you have the PS app on your phone (assuming you aren't home) then you can check it to see if the store updated and then start downloading right away and it's ready for you when you get home.

I've got the store page saved on my phone and once it updates, I'm downloading the KZ DLC and Mercenary Kings (free with ps+) tonight. It'll probably update around 4 or 5 central standard time.

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