Facebook's Oculus Buyout - More Developers React

VRFocus - Last week VRFocus asked 6 developers what they made of the news that social network giant Facebook would be purchasing Oculus Rift makers Oculus VR for $2 billion USD. While the general response seemed to be positive, each one raised unique and interesting insights into the deal. They were so interesting, in fact, that this week we’ve decided to do it again.

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mhunterjr1542d ago

Nice, more level headed responses. This deal will be great for VR gaming and the VR industry as a whole.

justSumDood1542d ago

The VR industry. Yes.
VR gaming? No.

mhunterjr1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Please Explain. even the developers are expecting Facebook to bring in the best talent, the best hardware, at the best price...

How is that bad for gaming? And before you start speculating that it will be an ad riddled, privacy infringing affair, ask yourself if you think Zuckerberg is stupid enough to spend 2billion on the hopes that consumers would be willing to BUY a VR device that REQUIRES the submission of personal data before you can turn it on. That's would be an awful, unsuccessful business model.

aliengmr1542d ago

This is still perplexing to me.

This idea that somehow there is a market that is ready to buy a FaceRift with ads, designed with the singular purpose of stealing your information, and no games except Farmville.

Who are these people? Seriously. Go ask non-gamers if they will buy a $300+ device they have to strap to their head to use Facebook.

There is NO VR industry. VR gaming is all that exists for the foreseeable future.

fei-hung1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I think justsumdood made a good point; just because it is good for the vr industry, that doesn't make it good for the vr games industry.

I think many people liked OR for being an open VR platform allowing access for the big guns in gaming and the smaller studios. More importantly, the buyers were the driving force who had invested in the kickstarter. However, now it is Facebook that is in the drivers seat and if we are honest with ourselves, we do not know what direction the project will take, nor do we know what the primary focus will be. Everything we will hear right now from the likes of us gamers and these devs, both positive and negative will be speculation.

In my opinion, although I am not happy if it takes a bigger Facebook focus or a primary Facebook focus, the device will be more popular and probably release at a much lower cost (possibly via a cheaper option).

The possibilities of virtual chatrooms, meetings and tours, coupled with very clever advertising will be a huge money maker. Zuckerberg would be stupid not to take advantage of this and so would Sony.

Unlike before where we knew what money Palmer had to develop this and what their goals were, now we know nothing and it isn't clear yet when anything official and concrete will be said; so far we have only been given very clever pr statements which offer little information.

Either way, for VR to succeed, it must become part of the mainstream product range. The more people buy it the more content we will get to justify the purchase of a VR device. As a gaming only device it may be harder to justify the cost to the masses.

For those who are looking forward to VR gaming, I think Sony will probably offer more content if OR changes it's focus. Sony will surely happily pick up the devs OR lost. The next 12 months will be very interesting to observe.

kingduqc1542d ago

Finally people responding with more reasons then emotions. Facebook deal is great for the product. 2 billion injected in the hands of the best vr team in the world is only a good sign. The goal is to immerse the user in a world what ever its for gaming or a social hub the features requieted are similar and want to acheive the same goals.

justSumDood1542d ago

You talk about people using reason, then make this comment:

"2 billion injected in the hands of the best vr team..."

Oculus didn't get 2BN dollars in funding. The company was sold for that price. That money/FB stock now belongs to the previous owners/investors.
And you can be sure they won't dump it back into the Oculus development they NO LONGER own.

aliengmr1542d ago're saying OVR is cancelling the Rift? Not sure what you are implying but the Rift is being developed and FB (for all their evil plans) probably doesn't want to waste the investment.

justSumDood1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Deleted. Double Post

Cryptcuzz1542d ago

Idk how I feel about OR selling to Facebook of all companies, but only time will tell how it all pans out. I just hope they give OR all the freedom they want to fully see their vision become a reality.