Why games don’t need to go back to their roots

Our industry has always focused very heavily on recurring IP; sequels, spin-offs and reboots tend to be the norm year on year. But does this reliance on old brands equate to less innovation?

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Shadonic1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Game theory recently did a video on how gamers actully want games to stick to there roots and less innovation. though i belive its kind of off. Take Halo 4 its innovative series wise nut these changes completely changed how the games played basically destroying Halos roots and the golden triangle it was built on.

Theres innovation but with the way things are currently with the gamers themselves there more likely to go with the everyday millitary shooter or copy and pasted madden or sports game rather than something thats foreign to them. It's kind of like with Okami when i first got it, this was during my phase where i was very into japanese things and stuff. When i let my friend barrow it at first he was skeptic of it as if it wouldnt be that good compared to the over the top action of fighters like DBZ and stuff hes used to but after trying the game it became a favorite for him.

Gamers want innovation but if its not within a certain type of genre they wont bat an eye at it.

kalkano1599d ago

I want games to return to the state where turn-based RPGs were allowed to be made for consoles.

gamesTM_dom1599d ago

Hey, they still are - we still get releases of Disgaea, we just had FFXHD, Bravely Default and Fire Emblem: Awakening came out for 3DS last year (handhleds count right?)

We've had Resonance of Fate and we had Eternal Sonata a good few years back, too.

We're getting Persona 5 next year - while there aren't as many offerings as there used to be, there's still a few out there that keep the genre alive on console.

MrSwankSinatra1598d ago

I wouldn't count handhelds since he was likely referring to "Home Consoles". The problem that was evident around the PS2 era was we got so much JRPG's that gen it ended up over saturating the market. Not only that but the JRPG genre dipped in quality as well, for every good JRPG there was like 5 shitty ones. it's one of the reasons why we didn't get so many during the early to mid years of the PS3 era. It has been as of late they we've started to see an influx of JRPG's on consoles.

Relientk771599d ago

I want turn-based RPGs on PS4.

kpjrose1598d ago

Last year's Tomb Raider reboot was one of the best ever which goes to show that if done well, it can be a good thing.