Zynga Announces Free-to-Play Gaming Console

Current Zynga CEO and former President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft has declared that a new Zynga-based gaming console is in the works. The hardware, which has only been in development since the beginning of March, will release later this month.

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OpieWinston1273d ago

So glad that douche isn't working at Microsoft anymore.

ATi_Elite1273d ago

This one isn't even funny or realistic.

It's just plain dumb.

CurrentDigital1270d ago

Could you explain in detail what you would rather see in an April Fools' article rather than just filing a vague complaint?

OrangePowerz1273d ago

It's not anymore April 1st, you missed the time frame to post.

pompombrum1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Leave Mattrick alone, he still has his head in the cloud, it's probably still April 1st there.

Dark_matter1273d ago

what's this? don mattrick, free?, I thought it doesn't run with his head just like everything else that he didn't agree too. damn right opiewinston, this tight twisted deformed tom cruise doesn't deserve to be the face of anything.

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