10 upcoming PS4 games that could be brilliant on Project Morpheus

Jill Sandwich writes: Sony are currently riding a wave of positivity coming out of GDC 2014. President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida took to the stage and announced the worst kept gaming secret of 2014 – Project Morpheus, Sony’s VR headset - and the initial impressions of the vast majority that got some heads-on time have been encouraging.

Of course, no gaming system – VR or otherwise – is going to sell without games to play on it. Sony have already committed to getting VR devkits out to developers as soon as possible and several studios have already pledged their support but we thought we could make a few suggestions of upcoming PS4 games that could work brilliantly on Project Morpheus.

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maniacmayhem1568d ago

How about a Twisted Metal with VR? That would be pretty cool to experience.

WeAreLegion1568d ago

First person mode on the original Twisted Metal was pretty awesome. I'd love to see that again, just...with better graphics.

Clover9041568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

The Witness, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Mirror's Edge 2. Not a big fan of Twisted metal! but maybe the feeling of really being behind the wheel would change that :)

No Man Sky would be glorious on Morpheus.

LKHGFDSA1568d ago

the last one flopped, it's a dead franchise now.

Clover9041568d ago

I think even games that aren't great for VR gaming could benefit from Morpheus. Look a God of War. Now I say that GOW isn't a good VR fit not because it's 3rd person, but because it's so fast and frantic that the game may not be comfortable. But imagine a bonus mode that let's you walk Olympus and see first hand how grand it is and how truly massive some of the enemies are. You won't be able to play the game the same way again. It'll give players a whole new appreciation for the art and level design that we all take for granted most of the time. You'll be I a middle of a battle while saying to yourself, "wow, I've been there."

webeblazing1568d ago

yeah that what i was thinking. games thats too crazy would seem like it wouldnt work with vr. you see how he move and what he do i gow3. and enemies surround you alot so being able to see around you so you can react fast is a must(kratos dont fight mere mortals. thats kids play). but the other thing like bonus level or extra content for vr users is a great idea.

i think we going to see mainly first person games use these. than someone gonna pop up with a defferent type of genre that can only be played in vr (hopefully). i cant wait to see what Mm, QD, and sony japan do with this.

TheGrimReaper00111568d ago

But I think they might even use it for simpler concepts.

You mention god of war. Yes, it is 3d person, but imagine it still is and you can use the headset to move the camera just by turning your head.

I do think Driveclub is a great game for VR or maybe even for The Last Guardian (if we only knew what it was)

Funny thing, they actually made a God of War First Person ... Hack n Slasher part in GOW 3 :p

I gues we'll see how it all turns out soon enough. E3 is shaping up to be pretty exciting

webeblazing1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

we re saying the game is too fast pace to do that. if you put gow in first you would just be commuting suicide. its no way a person head movement can keep up with that and stay focus on people around you. the first person part was good in gow3, but like i said its child's play compared to what he do regularly. thats like comparing the dude in ryse to kratos(he cant be compare way too fast, too powerful, he best every regular char on all fronts). and we didnt even get to the powers and items like hermies boots. his power dont even focus on people thats just in front of him.

if they could get it right it will be great but i dont see games like these(hack n slash games, dmc, or any extremely fast paced game, with crowd control) being in vr unless they dumb it down

Yaay4me1567d ago

You dont necessarily have to use VR for First person view. Even a 3rd person game could benefit from VR (of course it wouldnt be nearly as immersive)

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MasterCornholio1568d ago

Who wants to play Alien Isolation in VR?

mark3214uk1568d ago

imagine gta - that would be crazy

Relientk771568d ago

Alien Isolation, if it is good, would be crazy in VR

the aliens are so [email protected]

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