Joe Danger on PS Vita: 2 Full Games, 3 New Characters

Alex Wiltshire // Hello Games -

Hello PlayStation.Blog!

I’m Alex! I work with Sean and the gang at Hello Games. We made Joe Danger, the super-colorful, super-challenging racey platformy series starring a fat little stuntman! People have seemed to like it loads, calling it all kinds of nice things like “astounding” (Official PlayStation Magazine) and “perfect” (Game Informer).

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darthv721570d ago

Joe Danger is FUN! Nuff said.

ReBurn1570d ago

This will be a great portable game. To me it seems made for gaming on the go.

DigitalRaptor1570d ago

Sackboy and Tearaway guys. Already own the PS3 versions, but this is insta-buy material.

E2S1570d ago

Yes! Perfect Vita game.

3-4-51570d ago

Is this like Trials, but actually fun ?

Inception1570d ago

You can check the demo on PSN and yes it's fun, amazingly fun. I will gladly buy it again for my vita ^^

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