Exclusive Deals and PS3 to PS4 Trade-up for MLB 14: The Show Offered by GameStop

GameStop sent a press release today announcing that it’ll be supporting the launch of all versions of MLB 14: The Show with a range of exclusive deals.

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Dlacy13g1566d ago

So trade up program is being bumped up by $10 I see. At launch you could trade up Madden for just $10 but with this title it will cost you $20. Uggh...

dazzrazz1566d ago

This is not official publisher program so don't compare it to other launch titles. This is what Gamestop came up with to make $$$

Dlacy13g1566d ago

I was referring to Gamestop for the record... they were offering a $10 upgrade program on PS4 at launch. You got a $50 credit to use toward the $60 upgraded game. So this deal is pretty crappy compared to what they previously offered.

spektical1566d ago

yea.. i'd rather just wait for ps4 version and get the vita version now

BlingBlaine1566d ago

Hey look gamestop gouges again. Just like the camera.

sdozzo1566d ago

The release window is so close to one another. Just wait.

bdjames1564d ago

I agree...unless (see my question below)...

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