Famitsu review scores (4/1/14)

This week's Famitsu scores include the first verdict for Natural Doctrine.

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Chaos_Raiden1568d ago

Doesn't look too good for Natural Doctrine to be released in English. I really hope Freedom Wars would get high score so that it has a chance to be released in English.

r211568d ago

31 for ND? Heres to hoping it still gets localized.

Inception1567d ago

The newest info: yes, it's getting localized

And 31 still a good score though, especially when it came from famitsu who always gave high scores for games from big publisher (they gave FF 13-2 a perfect score 40/40, which i think is BS!).

datpanda1567d ago

Average scores because of the protagonist name being average? Jeff? That's fitting. I'll take average Jeff over Edge Maverick any day *shudders*