What can Activision do to revitalise Call Of Duty on PS4? The Official PlayStation Magazine debate

OPM: Call of Duty might still be one of the biggest games in all existence but there’s a cloud looming. Sales maintain their stratospheric numbers but have failed to reach peaks set by previous games, Black Ops in particular. Worse still there seems to be a growing resentment from gamers rebelling against it’s mainstream domination. So what can Activision do? Ride it out or reinvent its shooty cash cow. Here’s Team OPM to debate the options they think will work best for COD’s future.

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PraxxtorCruel1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

And discountinuing the use of recycled maps/textures/skins and so on. Show us you actually care about the franchise and most importantly the huge gamer base you've managed to collect over the years!

XtraTrstrL1357d ago

They don't care about the franchise. They just want to capitalize on as much profit as they can as the ship sinks. Which is why they're upgrading their aggressive $$$ DLC tactics now to force advertising. I have to go through store items in my gun/camo/accessories menus now. It's ridiculous, they don't even fix the horrific framerate issues that are nauseating. I mean, how can the game perform worse than COD games performed on PS3, while only looking marginally better. The game doesn't look next gen at all, it looks inbetween gens at best. They don't respond on their forums at all, the game is just a money grab.

crusf1356d ago

@XtraTrstrL Do you honestly think developing a game on a yearly bases is not stress inducing and difficult. Infinity Ward had to develop for FIVE different platforms in a year with Activision breathing down there necks. Not to mention the next gen platforms as well.

crusf1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Even if they make a new engine you people will still hate on the series. There is a new NBA and FIFA every year but... Since they aren't talked about as much, you people don't hate on it. Why do people needlessly dislike whatever is popular. If I remember correctly people were excited for GTA V prior to release and NOW that it got overwhelming reviews its over hyped and over rated. I just don't understand.

iamnsuperman1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I agree with you except for two areas

The hate for the latest Fifa game is just since they removed the tournament mode just so the could sell the world cup game (though your point is still valid)

Also GTA is overrated which had nothing to do with its popularity. GTA launched its online broken and it's structure was still stuck in the past with more equals better (which it isn't). I was really disappointed with GTA and I feel the series has taken a nose dive in quality especially in its story telling department (where more and more games are excelling while GTA 's formula felt outdated). I havn't touched GTA since I completed the story (sometime after it launched its multiplayer which I think shows how I felt about the game)

Ghost_of_Tsushima1357d ago

Here's my list.

1. Make a "true" next gen game engine
2. No aliens, Michael Myers, or Predator crap.
3. Guns actually take more than a millisecond to kill someone
4. Much better map designs
5. Stop charging extra for everything example: gun skins and extra slots.
6. Most importantly fix the lag!

n4gusername1357d ago

I agree except the aliens, myers, etc. These little extras are mainly reskins and don't hurt the game at all. I think a new engine is the most important piece.

zerog1357d ago

I agree with everything but 2 and 3. 2 because I thought myers was a pretty cool field order reward and 3 because having to empty an entire clip into someone wouldn't be realistic. I think the only thing they really need to do with the gunplay is to eliminate the quick scoping problem by making all sniper rifles one shot one kill only if they make a head shot or a well placed chest shot. The whole kills with any hit from the knee up is bs and defeats the purpose of a sniper rifle being a precision weapon for long range skill.

Highlife1356d ago

A new engine would be great but what I really want to see is more realism to where you have been shot. If I get shot in the leg I should limp can't spirit.say I get shot in my left arm and can't hold the gun with two hands so I can't look down scope. Chest shots should be more lethal than limbs being hit and a head shot should only be one shot. And if I am putting bullets into someone standing next to me they shouldn't be able to knife and insta kill me frankly they should die.

Matt6661357d ago

Here what they can do
Get rid of quick scoping,
Get rid of no scoping,
Down grade the power of the knife (ie more then one hit to kill some one)
Fix the lag,
A new game engine,
bigger maps with proper dynamic damage,
more players,
tanks (just like there was in WAW),
No stupid perks (like commando, marathon etc)
Punish cheaters, spawn killers, etc,
Reward proper players who have proper skill,
be able to see your character legs etc,
the weapons act more realistically (IE the 50 Cal being most powerful)

I could go on but I think I made my point that a lot needs to change

darren_poolies1357d ago

So basically you want it to be Battlefield.

Matt6661357d ago (Edited 1356d ago )


I never said that, your missing the point that COD has been broken, old and boring for a while now and it's now the time to make the improvements it needs. WAW was the best COD ( and still is). Even in Halo you could see your legs and that came out before COD. So like I said COD needs a lot of improvements.

ScamperCamper1348d ago

A new game engine may be posssible, but I think word would have come out already. Perhaps Infinity Ward might have that task if they are creating MW4. From the latest info/leaks out there, the game does have substantially improved visuals. The Activision exec's are suggesting it's the best COD ever. Some details, if you believe the leaks out there so far: http://www.callofdutyforeve...

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elm1357d ago

Stop basing the game on inferior hardware and use the PS4 to it's full potential.

TrueJerseyDevil1357d ago

If that was the case they should use PC's to the max

darren_poolies1357d ago

Expect they can't because there is no set specs for PCs.

TheFallenAngel1357d ago

I still enjoy cod. They just need to make it better, add more things. I've talked to a bunch of guys that switched from 360 to ps4 in cod.

Red0eye0ceo1357d ago

Move onto a new game. Let call of duty die with the little respect it has.

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