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VideoGamer: "Not all plain sailing."

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Allsystemgamer1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Lol "semi-automatic machine gun"

Machine guns can shoot in semi auto but it wouldn't be a machine gun if it was a semi auto machine

Aleithian1596d ago

Borderline unplayable. I gave up on it during this past weekend's XP event - went back to Second Assault.

asmith23061596d ago

Thank Jesus I didn't buy it so! Sick of the lag in BF4. I'm waiting for a few months after release until a purchase another online EA game. The core game still isn't fixed either and they keep pumping out map packs, complete disgrace.

anesthesique1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Shit replied to wrong person haha.

T21595d ago

100 percent right dude. And worse people keep hitting these boards saying crap like "maybe it's your Internet " or "it's been fixed since January". Completely false avoid until further notice. I played yesterday lagged so bad couldn't even play 16 vs 16

anesthesique1596d ago

Hey man, did you play this on PC, PS4 or X1?

I've heard from alot of peoplo that it is has problems, but they were all PS4 users, were the DLC got released (mistakenly) early without the proper patch. I have no idea if it has been released on PC or X1 yet, thats why I'm asking.

I mean is there hope that it will be good after the patch or its a dead DLC? Cause I was betting on this to buy Premium.

Aleithian1596d ago

PS4. There is hope for it after a patch, as the other packs play far better than it does. That said, the entire game still suffers from rubber-banding, but nowhere near to the extent seen in Naval Strike.

asmith23061595d ago

Dude, I have seen complaints from players on all consoles. And screw the DLC issues, the core game is still messed up. They shouldn't be releasing DLC when there are fundamental problems with the game. Between the game itself and DLC I have spent around €100 on it. EA are laughing all the way to the bank. Lesson learned.

anesthesique1595d ago

Thanks. And I know right. I still can't believe how much they ruined the game from BF3 to BF4.

Guess I'll wait on getting Premium, if I ever get it that is.

crusf1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

"Server issues – particularly bad lag with 64 players." Thats an issue with the main game not the expansion pack. The expansion pack should be reviewed based on what it adds to the game not because of existing issues. Imagine if I was playing an RPG and a huge issue with the game was the bad graphics and a company releases the expansion pack that adds a new area to the game you cant say that bad graphics is an issue of the expansion.

Kleptic1596d ago

uh...not sure what platform you play on...but i promise the main game and all other DLC isn't CLOSE to as bad rubberbanding and network wise as naval strike with 64 players...

yes, the vanilla game has fundamental networking problems...its core networking structure is based on the requirements of the xbox 360...resulting in performance similar to multiplayer on dial up...10hz server tick rate, support for players with 300+ ping, etc...

so the game kind of sucks in that area, but its at least playable if you can not take it seriously...naval strike is a disaster with this, 100% unusable until further fixing is performed...

T21595d ago

The main game is not playable 64 player unless you find lag, rubberband, and crashing playable. This is as of last night

Kleptic1595d ago

i get a solid 5 to 10 hours of BF4 in each week since release (i don't watch TV haha)...

haven't had one round of NS on PC be playable with 64 players...but have no trouble on other rubberbanding, etc...

the game is still crap networking wise, i'm not arguing that...but if you're getting rubberbanding on any map, things need to be looked at...if you're on PC anyway; if on console then no idea...

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