Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Open Beta Times and Servers Announced; Stunning Wallpapers Released

Square Enix announced today the latest details about the final open beta phase for the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, also releasing a large batch of stunning wallpapers.

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Panthers1447d ago

I play this on PC now and I cant imagine playing it with a controller, but it would be cool. I am thinking about giving this a shot because the game itself is awesome if you are into MMOs. There is quite a bit of grinding and professions take forever, but that is the appeal to me.

Razjin1447d ago

Me too but you can always use your keyboard and mouse as long as they're USB ones.

Tundra1447d ago

I'm on PC and I play this with a PS3 controller. It's more comfortable for me. Different strokes for different folks.

il-JumperMT1447d ago

I play this on PC and controllers are better for DPS classes

Biggest1447d ago

Works for me as WAR/PLD/DRG/BRD. DRG is the toughest, but I make it work. All about the quick bumpers.

Lou Ferrigno1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

i played through the first beta phase and i can tell you , it was a blast and the first MMO that captured me to keep playing and wanting more and more.. I was hooked, only to find out your progress wasn't saved lol.. But oh well.

Now, as someone who is used to using a KB/M for MMO's on my gaming PC, I was definitely skeptical about a controller for MMO play.. However, it ended up working flawlessly imo, and I got comfortable with the controls in no time.

Can't wait for Phase 2 beta so i can grind it out until release.. Haven't paid subscriptions for an MMO since Rift in their early years... Gonna be awesome,and totally worth it imo :)

mikescoates1447d ago

I was KB/M on FFXI until it came out on XBox 360, then I switched to controller and never went back, just had the KB in the other USB slot for communicating.

It was the same on PS4 for FFXIV, I couldn't imagine playing it now with KB/M as I started it with controller in the last beta. Not sure how headset comms will work - party chat and so on - so I'm keeping the keyboard handy just in case!

I'll be there on April 4th, got hooked as soon as I discovered gathering and crafting professions had been improved so much from its predecessor.

jetlian1447d ago

me too but i'm gonna try this one. MMessed up they only let the beta last 4 days tho

Perez1447d ago

playing this on PC but using a PS4 controller has been great the system really is imo the best controller scheme I've seen for an mmo, it actually feels weird to use KB+M now lol but i'll be there on April 4th as well :)

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