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Sega Announce The Year of Knuckles; Sonic 4 Ep3 & Knuckles + Sonic and Knuckles 2

It’s the 20th anniversary of Sonic 3 this year, and Knuckles first introduction to the Sonic Universe.. So Sega are bringing him front and center and going back to basics with 2 new games co staring Knuckles and the original blue blur himself for winter 2014

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DryBoneKoopa851603d ago

Clearly this is an April Fools Joke. Almost got super excited then I remembered Sega had announced back in February that 2014 was the Year of Sonic.

Maybe one day we could see a Year of Knuckles.

Ryatta1603d ago

Well this being the Year of Sonic managed to pass me by.. guess either no one cared or they didn't make a thing enough about it for no one to notice... but it does ruin the joke pretty quickly if you do happen to know about the Year of Sonic already

SavageKuma1603d ago

This is still funny though, but Knuckles stand alone would be great,

MegaRay1603d ago

I knew it was april joke when you said they announce S4E3 that impossible dude.
Besides, arent we in Sonics year or something